Li’l Ellen DeGeneres

Today I am so happy because I get to unveil a new Felt Alive Li’l Celebrity.

Ladies & Gentleman…….Li’l Ellen DeGeneres!!!

And it seems the rest of the Felt Alive stars were pretty excited about her arrival on the scene.

Li’l Spock likes these guys but disco dancing remains illogical.

After all – Ellen is the life of the party… She can even get Li’l Trump to lighten up and give new meaning to a Trump Tower.

I am scheming of ways to get Li’l Ellen in the hands of Big Ellen. I’m busy going through the Ellen Show website and did submit some photos. Maybe I need a Felting Friends campaign to Ellen’s show. Any volunteers to suggest that her producers to take a look at her Ellen’s Felt Alive Felt-Alike??

9 Replies to “Li’l Ellen DeGeneres”

  1. She's Fantastic Kay and the whole gang together looks so awesome of course Elvis must have stepped out for the day heyyyyyy ??? lol xoxo


  2. Your figures are so well done! You really have a way of capturing people. Hope you get to appear on Ellen's show — I'll be watching for you.


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