How to make your own Felt Alive Felting Needles

Step by step instructions to make your own Felt Alive Felting Needles.


If you would like to use the needles we dip, you can get them here, Groz-Beckert. Here are the product numbers if you choose to use them.

Yellow 40T  –   654031

Red 38 Star –   654701

Black 36T –   653831

Orange 40 Star –   616681

Blue 42 Star –   609921

Green Reverse –   613831

plasti-dipWe use PLASTI DIP® MULTIPURPOSE RUBBER COATING for our handles.

You can find plasti dip colors in your local hardware or auto parts stores. Make sure you get Dip not Spray.

You can find clear dip here.

I use a chemical mask and wear gloves. I dip in a well ventilated area. Dipping outside works fine if there is no breeze. Any wind will dry your rubber very quickly and create problems during your dip.

I use a foam felting pad to hold my needles in place. I space the needles about 1-1/2″ inch apart and stagger each row.  I carefully press them onto a table to get them all pushed in evenly.

I use a small bread pan and a rubber spatula for dipping.


Fill the pan with rubber dip.


Dip the needles to the taper.


Pull the needles out very slowly. This will help prevent dripping.


Set the pad on a jar to elevate the needles for drying.  Let the first dip dry for at least 4 hours before dipping again.


After the 2nd dip, let them dry another 2 hours. Remember to pull them out slowly to help prevent dripping.

After the 2nd dip is dry, you can begin dipping every 30 to 60 minutes.

I dip our needles 5 times with clear rubber.  The 6th dip is the color dip. In this case I am dipping our black 36 Triangle needle.


Allow another 30 to 60 minutes dry time.


The 7th and final dip is clear. I then allow 24 to 48 hours dry time before use.


 Double Point Felting Needles


I use coffee stirrers to make the double points. You can find them here.  To hold the stirrers securely in place, I made a holder that I’ve reused many times.  I cut several pieces of corrugated cardboard and taped them together.  I inserted the stirrers, evenly spaced, into the corrugations.

Once the holder is made, insert the needles into the stirrers.  Don’t force them in too far or the tips of the needles will be too close together.  Push them in just until you feel resistance.  Make sure they are even and there is no gap between the two needles as shown in the image above.

Dip them just like I show how to dip single needles above.   Be careful not to get any dip on the stirrers but dip as close as you can to them.


After the second dip has dried, pull the needles out of the straws. You can check to make sure the tips are spaced the way you like them. If they look good, put them in the foam pads to finish dipping. This way you can get rubber dip right to the taper.


Quad Point Felting Needles


The coffee stirrer method didn’t work for me with four needles so I came up with another method to hold the needles in place while I dip.  I made a jig using two pieces of wood.  I drilled holes at each end and connected them with bolts and wingnuts so I could adjust tension easily.

Loosen the wingnuts just enough to slide the needles in.  Once you get the needles in place, tighten the wingnuts.   Dip the quad needles using the same method I show for single needles.

If you are selling your needles made using this method, send us a sample and we’ll be happy to send people your way that are looking for fabulous, fun needle felting tools.

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