Needle Felting a Doll Tutorial

  • Needle felt the core structure using core wool batting
  • Connect the parts to create a strong and flexible needle felted body.
  • Fun techniques to make needle felted hands and feet that add so much life to your character.
  • Adding body contours using amazing yet simple techniques for creating a skin or flesh layer that rolls and stretches much like our own skin.
  • Learn techniques for needle felted shoes and clothing options using wool batting and prefelt.
  • Over 4 hours on faces will show you so many tricks for creating expression.
  • Needle felted eyes and teeth are their own special magic!
  • Blush and Shading is nearly like painting with wool
  • Several options for hair including straight and curly
  • Learn how to finish your project by filling in any holes left by the needles and taming down wool fuzzies.
  • Finished doll is approximately 10″-12″ tall.


Disc One

Introduction | The Basic Shapes | The Nose | The Mouth

Cheeks & Chin  | Sculpting Facial Features | The Eyes

Disc Two

The Eyes Continued | Facial Expressions | Teeth | Ears

Shading  |  A Quick Review  |  The Neck | Hair

Disc Three

Body Introduction | Body Parts | Hip Joints

Knees & Elbows   |  Body Building

Disc Four

A Review | Making the Feet | A Review | Getting Dressed

Attaching the Head | Finishing Touches