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Baby Yoda


My kids are obsessed with Baby Yoda, so I made one now all my friends and family want one!

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  1. cutiepie!

  2. Love you’re tutorials have learned so much. Thankyou. Having arthritis in my hands though I find conversant toes really hard. Any tips please?

  3. Hi Jenny, Making fingers and toes using a felting stick is the easiest way but it does require a bit of dexterity. Some of my students lay the stick on their pad and roll rather than how I show in the videos. OR you can felt a long flat hand (or foot) shape and then use scissors to snip one end for fingers (or toes) – kind of like you were cutting fringe on fabric. If you do this, make sure that your flat hand shape is well felted and evenly thick before snipping. I hope this helps! ~Kay Petal

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