White Merino Batting

“What do you use to make the needle felted eyes and teeth for your dolls?” The answer is easy… White Merino Batting!

If your goal is to make your needle felted creations sparkle with life, this is the wool you need. You will see touches of it in all of my Felt Alive characters. Perfect for teeth, eyes and an absolute essential for all Felt Alive Video Workshops

If you need a bright white wool to make your needle felted creations sparkle with life, this is the wool to use.

.20 oz sounds like a tiny amount but it’s enough for hundreds of needle felted eyes and teeth.


White Merino Batting is the best and brightest white wool we can find for needle felting eyes and teeth. It is a favorite for needle felted doll makers. You can find it here.

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Snowdrop cm1721

Snowdrop cm1721

A great alternative is White Prefelt Lite.  It is a nice white wool.  You can find it at New England Felting Supply.


BhedaWool for needle felting

BhedaWool is made from a mixture of different New Zealand sheep breeds, such as Rylend, Suffolk, Shetland, Romney, Jacob and others.  It is imported from The Netherlands and comes in +-25g (1oz) bundles.

It is slightly coarse and hairy with longer fiber than our Felt Alive wool.  It’s also not quite as lofty but you will find it felts up fast and fun with your felting needles.

Available here


Foam Needle Felting Pads

foam pad

These dense, charcoal grey foam pads make a perfect needle felting work surface.   Needle felting involves the use of very sharp felting needles and it is essential to a have a durable yet resilient surface to work on. These pads take the abuse of those sharp needles while providing a stable work surface.  Softer foam, such as upholstery foam, can cause your project to bounce with each stab of the needle making it difficult to work with – and difficult to focus on. You are sure to have more accidents with your felting needles if your project is bouncing around so a stable, resilient surface for needle felting is a great idea.

We get our foam from Bob’s Foam Factory and it is called 8020 Black 1-1/2″



Merino Prefelt Sheets

Using pre felt for needle felted doll clothes

What in the World is Merino Prefelt?

It is wool felt fabric that isn’t quite felted! Merino Prefelt is short-fibered merino batting that has been partially felted into very thin sheets on industrial needle felting machines.

The end result is a very delicate wool fabric that can be finished into strong 100% Felt with either traditional wet felting methods or our favorite method of felting -Needle Felting!

Where do I get Pre Felt?

Our source for undyed pre-felt. The crew at New England Felting Supply are top notch! They are consistent and have very speedy shipping.

 Merino Wool Prefelt Sheets

New England Felting Supply

$16.00 – $138.00
100% Merino Wool (21 micron)
Weight: 150 grams per meter.
Width: 39?

Merino Prefelt is short-fibered merino batting that has been partially felted into very thin sheets on industrial needle felting machines.  It’s a favorite for needle felted doll clothes.  Since the wool is not quite felted, it can be torn (or cut) leaving fluffy edges that can be needle felted right to the dolls.  No sewing is necessary to make clothes for your needle felted dolls using prefelt.

dyed merino wool prefelt

 Merino Pre Felt Makes Great Clothes for needle felted dolls
I love using Merino Prefelt for needle felted doll clothes because it requires no sewing at all! It can be torn or cut and needle felted right into place. Seams can be needle felted together so they don’t show at all. I demonstrate using prefelt for doll clothes in my 10 hour doll making video workshop.
Li'l Ellen DeGeneres has lovely bright needle felted eyes and teeth

Merino Prefelt Tropical Print Shirt on Li'l Weird Al - needle felted doll by Felt Alive

It can be cut into designs, layered and flat needle felted.  I made tropical print prefelt using this method to use for Li’l Weird Al’s shirt, but you can embellish all kinds of things.

Anything you could embellish with wool roving or batting, can be embellished with prefelt. I share lot’s of examples, here of how I use it in doll clothing.

Prefelt is widely used for traditional wet and nuno felting and here at Felt Alive we are pioneering its use as clothing in needle felted doll making. Besides that, there are endless possibilities and we’d love to see what you do with your prefelt!

I used one  sheet of Baby Blue Kettle Dyed Prefelt to make the suit for Li’l PSY (Korean Pop Singer.) He stands about 11″ tall.


I’m certain you will find Merino Prefelt Sheets every bit as FUN as I do.