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White Merino Batting

“What do you use to make the needle felted eyes and teeth for your dolls?” The answer is easy… White Merino Batting!

If your goal is to make your needle felted creations sparkle with life, this is the wool you need. You will see touches of it in all of my Felt Alive characters. Perfect for teeth, eyes and an absolute essential for all Felt Alive Video Workshops

If you need a bright white wool to make your needle felted creations sparkle with life, this is the wool to use.

.20 oz sounds like a tiny amount but it’s enough for hundreds of needle felted eyes and teeth.


White Merino Batting is the best and brightest white wool we can find for needle felting eyes and teeth. It is a favorite for needle felted doll makers. You can find it here.

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Snowdrop cm1721

Snowdrop cm1721

A great alternative is White Prefelt Lite.  It is a nice white wool.  You can find it at New England Felting Supply.


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BhedaWool for needle felting

BhedaWool is made from a mixture of different New Zealand sheep breeds, such as Rylend, Suffolk, Shetland, Romney, Jacob and others.  It is imported from The Netherlands and comes in +-25g (1oz) bundles.

It is slightly coarse and hairy with longer fiber than our Felt Alive wool.  It’s also not quite as lofty but you will find it felts up fast and fun with your felting needles.

Available here


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Foam Needle Felting Pads

foam pad

These dense, charcoal grey foam pads make a perfect needle felting work surface.   Needle felting involves the use of very sharp felting needles and it is essential to a have a durable yet resilient surface to work on. These pads take the abuse of those sharp needles while providing a stable work surface.  Softer foam, such as upholstery foam, can cause your project to bounce with each stab of the needle making it difficult to work with – and difficult to focus on. You are sure to have more accidents with your felting needles if your project is bouncing around so a stable, resilient surface for needle felting is a great idea.

We get our foam from Bob’s Foam Factory and it is called 8020 Black 1-1/2″



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Merino Prefelt Sheets

Using pre felt for needle felted doll clothes

What in the World is Merino Prefelt?

It is wool felt fabric that isn’t quite felted! Merino Prefelt is short-fibered merino batting that has been partially felted into very thin sheets on industrial needle felting machines.

The end result is a very delicate wool fabric that can be finished into strong 100% Felt with either traditional wet felting methods or our favorite method of felting -Needle Felting!

Where do I get Pre Felt?

Our source for undyed pre-felt. The crew at New England Felting Supply are top notch! They are consistent and have very speedy shipping.

 Merino Wool Prefelt Sheets

New England Felting Supply

Uncarbonized Prefelt

$16.00 – $138.00
100% Merino Wool (21 micron)
Weight: 150 grams per meter.
Width: 39?

Merino Prefelt is short-fibered merino batting that has been partially felted into very thin sheets on industrial needle felting machines.  It’s a favorite for needle felted doll clothes.  Since the wool is not quite felted, it can be torn (or cut) leaving fluffy edges that can be needle felted right to the dolls.  No sewing is necessary to make clothes for your needle felted dolls using prefelt.

dyed merino wool prefelt
 Merino Pre Felt Makes Great Clothes for needle felted dolls
I love using Merino Prefelt for needle felted doll clothes because it requires no sewing at all! It can be torn or cut and needle felted right into place. Seams can be needle felted together so they don’t show at all. I demonstrate using prefelt for doll clothes in my 10 hour doll making video workshop.
Li'l Ellen DeGeneres has lovely bright needle felted eyes and teeth

Merino Prefelt Tropical Print Shirt on Li'l Weird Al - needle felted doll by Felt Alive

It can be cut into designs, layered and flat needle felted.  I made tropical print prefelt using this method to use for Li’l Weird Al’s shirt, but you can embellish all kinds of things.

Anything you could embellish with wool roving or batting, can be embellished with prefelt. I share lot’s of examples, here of how I use it in doll clothing.

Prefelt is widely used for traditional wet and nuno felting and here at Felt Alive we are pioneering its use as clothing in needle felted doll making. Besides that, there are endless possibilities and we’d love to see what you do with your prefelt!

I used one  sheet of Baby Blue Kettle Dyed Prefelt to make the suit for Li’l PSY (Korean Pop Singer.) He stands about 11″ tall.


I’m certain you will find Merino Prefelt Sheets every bit as FUN as I do.
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Finger Puppet Fairy Tutorial

Materials and supplies used in this video

Felt Alive Finger Puppet FAIRIES Video Workshop

.5 oz  Flesh Tone colored wool
1 oz (.5 oz ea of 2 colors) Needle Felting Wool
2 ea 6″ x 6″ Sheets Merino Prefelt
Wool for Details – small amounts of pink, brown and white + needle felting stick
Fiber For Hair – hand spun wool yarn, curly wool locks or merino roving
Felt Alive Felting Needles
1 Single & 1 Double Point Yellow 40t, 1 Single Black 36t & 1 Single Blue 40star
1 Foam Felting Pad 9″x6″

Here are the video chapters. The full discs are below.

Intro | Making the Head | Making the Face | Making the Ears | Making the Body

Making the Arms | Attaching the Head | Attaching the Limbs | Sculpting the Head

Finishing | Attaching the Legs | Finishing | Making the Wings | Attaching the Wings

Hair – Merino Roving | Hair – Curls | Hair – Yarn

Disc One

Disc Two


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Needle Felting a Pup Tutorial


Fully jointed, flexible and fun. No wires, no glass eyes or clay noses – all you need is wool and a felting needle to needle felt a new best friend!

While learning some amazing and fun needle felting techniques, you will create an adorable puppy dog! With big, goofy paws and floppy ears, a tail that wags and jointed legs so he can jump and bound. These PUPS can even sit, stay & roll-over! No need for wire armatures, glass eyes or clay noses – you can do it all with wool!

Introduction | Basic Shapes | The Legs | The Head | Connecting the Parts | Heads and Tails | The Finishing Touches







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Needle Felting a Droit Tutorial

This workshop is one of my personal favorites. It’s a great one if you want to learn easy techniques for building a flexible, jointed body.

Droits Needle Felting Tutorial

These guys are silly and adorable – a great exercise in needle felting flexible, wire-free jointed bodies.
Workshop Features:
  • 5 Hours Narrated Video Instruction
  • Clear, Birds-Eye View with Close-Ups
  • Unique & Expressive Needle Felted Faces
  • Fully Jointed & Flexible (wire-free) Bodies That Stand on Their Own
  • Hands & Feet Made Easy
  • Fun & Easy for All Skill Levels


Disc 1

Introduction | Supplies | The Torso | The Head

Arms & Legs | The Nose | The Mouth  |  Sculpting the Nose

The Eyes | The Eye Lids | Sculpting | The Brow Bones

Disc 2

Finishing the Head | The Ears | Hip Joints

Knee Joints | Shoulder Joints  |  Elbow Joints

The Butt | The Belly| The Chest

Disc 3

Back Muscles | The Feet | The Toes & Attaching Feet

The Hands  |  The Fingers | Attaching the Hands

Attaching the Head | Finishing Touches



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Needle Felting a Bunny Tutorial

Felt along with me and learn the magic of sculptural needle felting! While learning some amazing and fun needle felting techniques, you will create adorable little bunnies!
With floppy ears and a cotton (err…wool) tail, Felt Alive Bunnies are great little pets and so fun and easy to bring to life!
No Sewing – No Stuffing – No Wire Armature – No Painting – NO PROBLEM!
As your needle felted Bunnies come to life on your felting pad, you will learn to make heads with expressive faces that will connect with a needle felted body using only wool and single barbed felting needles. No sewing or wire armatures here. Your finished Bunnies will be solid needle felted wool that seems nearly alive!


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Needle Felting a Doll Tutorial

Learn to Make Needle Felted Dolls of Your Very Own!

 If you’ve needle felted over wire armatures, you are going to feel liberated when you learn how easy it is to construct these sturdy, flexible characters using only wool and felting needles.
  • Needle felt the core structure using core wool batting
  • Connect the parts to create a strong and flexible needle felted body.
  • Fun techniques to make needle felted hands and feet that add so much life to your character.
  • Adding body contours using amazing yet simple techniques for creating a skin or flesh layer that rolls and stretches much like our own skin.
  • Learn techniques for needle felted shoes and clothing options using wool batting and prefelt.
  • Over 4 hours on faces will show you so many tricks for creating expression.
  • Needle felted eyes and teeth are their own special magic!
  • Blush and Shading is nearly like painting with wool
  • Several options for hair including straight and curly
  • Learn how to finish your project by filling in any holes left by the needles and taming down wool fuzzies.
  • Finished doll is approximately 10″-12″ tall.


Disc One

Introduction | The Basic Shapes | The Nose | The Mouth

Cheeks & Chin  | Sculpting Facial Features | The Eyes

Disc Two

The Eyes Continued | Facial Expressions | Teeth | Ears

Shading  |  A Quick Review  |  The Neck | Hair

Disc Three

Body Introduction | Body Parts | Hip Joints

Knees & Elbows   |  Body Building

Disc Four

A Review | Making the Feet | A Review | Getting Dressed

Attaching the Head | Finishing Touches






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Needle Felting a SANTA Tutorial

This is such a great video for learning advanced techniques for sweet, smiling needle felted faces with simple bodies.  Santa stands on his own without using any wire armatures – from head to toe he’s all needle felted wool.

Disc 1

Introduction | Santa’s Torso | Santa’s Head | Santa’s Legs

Santa’s Arms Santa’s Feet | Santa’s Face | The Mouth

Cheeks and Chin

Disc 2

Santa’s Eyes | Eyelids | Santa’s Teeth | Santa’s Ears

 Shading| Attaching the Parts

Disc 3

Butt & Belly | Attaching Santa’s Feet | Heels and Soles

Getting Dressed | Santa’s Mittens | Santa’s Jacket

Attaching Santa’s Head | Getting Dressed continued

Santa’s Hair |Santa’s Hat

Right click and save to download

Disc 1  |  Disc 2  |  Disc 3

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Needle Felting a Funny Face Tutorial


Felt along with me, and learn the magic of sculptural needle felting! In my easy-to-follow workshop – Needle Felted Funny Faces – You will learn fun and easy techniques for making funny faces out of wool using single barbed felting needles.

As you learn to make a head with a funny face, you will learn about wool and felting needles and many, many tips and tricks as I chatter away through 138 minutes of needle felting fun! I really do make it easy! Even a beginner can make a Funny Face!

Introduction | Making a Head Shape | Constructing the Face

Constructing the Face part 2 | The Eyes | The Teeth | The Ears

Finishing Touches (Hair)

Right click and save to download

Funny Faces

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Needle Felting a FAIRY Tutorial

Needle Felting is truly an amazing craft. It’s relaxing, meditative, therapeutic, peaceful, magical and a bit mysterious.

In this 9 hour long tutorial, I do my best to take the mystery out as I teach you, step-by-step and poke-by-poke, the secrets of bringing wool to life.

Needle Felted FAIRY Dolls Workshop Features:

  • Needle felt the core structure using core wool batting – no wire armatures!
  • Make flexible joints by connecting the core parts to create a strong and lifelike needle felted body.
  • You’ll learn fun techniques to make needle felted hands and feet that add so much life to your character.
  • Sculpt and form her little body using amazing yet simple techniques for creating a skin or flesh layer that rolls and stretches much like our own skin.
  • Learn techniques for needle felting her slippers and suit using batting and prefelt.
  • We spend several hours on faces so you’ll learn exactly how it’s done.
  • Needle felted eyes and teeth are their own special magic!
  • Blush and Shading is nearly like painting with wool
  • You’ll learn how simple it is to give your Fairy beautiful hair.
  • Learn how to finish your project by filling in any holes left by the needles and taming down wool fuzzies.
  • Finished FAIRY doll is approximately 8″ – 10″ tall.


1. Her Torso  |  2. Her Head  |  3. Her Arms and Legs 

4. Building Her Face  |  5. Sculpting Her Face

 6. Her Mouth and Teeth  |  7. Her Nose and Eyes |  8. Her Ears

9. Her Shading  |  10. Her Knee and Elbow Joints

11. Her Hip and Shoulder Joints | 12. Her Neck

13. Her Hands and Feet  |  14. Her 4 B’s – Butt, Belly, Breasts and Back

15. Wrapping Her Body | 16. Her Slippers   

17. Her Suit and Attaching Her Head  |  18. Her Dress 

19. Finishing Her Surface  |  20. Her Wings and Hair

Download all 5 discs

Right click and save to download

Disc 1  |  Disc 2  |  Disc 3  |  Disc 4  |  Disc 5


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Celebrity Caricature Dolls

Not long after I learned to needle felt dolls, I discovered I had a knack for making the wool look like real people – funny little versions of the real thing.   From Elton to Elvis, Janis Joplin to Ellen Degeneres, I’ve been busy bringing the wool to life and the list in my head is endless of who’s next.  Like real celebrities, they enjoy the camera very much – and I love capturing their candid moments.  This gallery is a collection of some of my favorite Felt Alive moments.

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The Late, Great Freddie Mercury – in needle felted wool. UPDATE

Serendipity: While taking a Sunday drive we spotted a person in a furry costume with a sign that said Farm Open. We followed the sign to a Suri Alpaca Farm and decided to stop in to see if I could find some hair for the doll I’m working on – Freddie Mercury, the late, great singer from Queen. I found the perfect fiber and in chatting with the owner of the farm, it turns out he is old friends from college with Brian May, the guitarist from Queen. What are the chances of that?

The hairs on my arms were on end the whole way home but things like this have been happening since the day I first picked up a felting needle.  Someday, I might need to write a book about it.  But something made this story even more magical – before talking with the owner, I had a discussion with another fiber artist I met at the farm about how serendipity led us both to our crafts – I even mentioned that if you don’t pay attention, you might not notice it’s happening. So pay attention to the signs – especially if a furry creature is holding it!

Here is my Felt Alive tribute to Freddie Mercury (5 September 1946 – 24 November 1991)

Besides his lovely hair and mustache (Suri alpaca) he is 100% needle felted wool

Part of what I love about needle felting great musicians is listening to their music while I’m working and watching their amazing performances on YouTube during my breaks.  This video of Queen performing A Kind of Magic live at Wembley Stadium in 1986 inspired this Li’l Freddie Mercury doll. 

UPDATE – I’m most honored to say that Li’l Freddie Mercury is happy at his new home in the official Queen Archives in England.

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Making Whoopi! A Needle Felted Doll

Meet Li’l Whoopi

I was so excited to be commissioned to bring Whoopi Goldberg to life in needle felted wool. I couldn’t have thought of of a better subject myself! She is solid needle felted wool with flexible needle felted joints. She stands on her own and is about 12″ tall. I wet felted her dreadlocks using Merino Roving and for her glasses I used Merino prefelt that I needle felted and then wet felted. She was quite a project and a fun collaboration with my client. My only problem is saying goodbye! I literally fall in love with my dolls as they come to life on my felting pad. I have only recently started doing custom dolls for others instead of dolls for me – it is getting easier to part with them but never easy!

If you would love to learn the magic of sculptural needle felting, I’d love to show you how! I have several fun and comprehensive video workshops along with all of the tools and supplies you need!

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Li’l Bob Dylan – Needle Felted Wool Doll

needle felted bob dylan doll

needle-felted-dylan-doll-bw11, originally uploaded by feltalive.

I just finished this cool cat – he was a custom commission and my second version of Dylan. For more photos –

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X-treme Felt Alive Motor Sports with Li’l Conan & Li’l Trump

Li’l Conan & Li’l Donald Trump tearing it up on Li’l Conan’s li’l ATV for a high-octane off-road adventure. And check out The Li’l Donald’s comb-over!

My needle felted dolls are pretty tough – it’s hard to believe that these two li’l buddies look no worse for the wear after their wild ride.

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It’s a Worm’s Life – Felt Alive Needle Felted Worms

I needle felted these silly little woolly worms today over wire. I rarely use wire but this was easy and fun! I wrapped core wool roving around cloth covered florist wire, needle felted it using Felt Alive Super Duper Double Felting needles and covered them with Norwegian C1 premium felting batt – available Felt Alive Needle Felting Supplies

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Felt Alive Witch

Felt Alive Witch

Yes, Shakespeare said “wool of bat”!

She has so much attitude!

Needle Felted Witch Doll
She stands on her own and is about 14″ tall – no wire armature, just needle felted wool! And the good news is that all of the great supplies I made her with are available in my NEW needle felting shop.

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Li’l Lyle Lovett – needle felted wool art doll

Lyle Lovett has such an interesting face so I thought he would be the perfect subject for a recent workshop where I taught advanced needle felting techniques for working from photographs. It was the first time I’ve shared my techniques for bringing wool to life as an actual likeness.

And I must mention that I’m a huge fan of Lyle Lovett! I’m on a new mission to introduce Li’l Lyle to the real Lyle Lovett. I have a feeling he would get a big kick out of him and I would love nothing more than to get a picture of the two of them together.

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The Li’l Boss – Needle Felted Springsteen Doll

The Li’l Boss!! Yes, I made a needle felted caricature of Bruce Springsteen.

I listened to his music while I was bringing him to life – it was a great trip down memory lane and very inspirational.

And Li’l Bono was happy to share the stage with The Li’l Boss!

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Li’l Ellen DeGeneres

Today I am so happy because I get to unveil a new Felt Alive Li’l Celebrity.

Ladies & Gentleman…….Li’l Ellen DeGeneres!!!

And it seems the rest of the Felt Alive stars were pretty excited about her arrival on the scene.

Li’l Spock likes these guys but disco dancing remains illogical.

After all – Ellen is the life of the party… She can even get Li’l Trump to lighten up and give new meaning to a Trump Tower.

I am scheming of ways to get Li’l Ellen in the hands of Big Ellen. I’m busy going through the Ellen Show website and did submit some photos. Maybe I need a Felting Friends campaign to Ellen’s show. Any volunteers to suggest that her producers to take a look at her Ellen’s Felt Alive Felt-Alike??

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The Universal Language of Felt

I have video workshop customers all over the world but most of them speak English very well. I was so pleased to receive this email from a student in Hungary!

“Hi Kay,

I send to you photos of my first work. I have great pleasure from it.

Thank you very much for your school.


(Sorry my English, I do not speak english very well)”

My videos have no subtitles so it is very safe to say that Eva speaks the Universal Language of Felt!

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Sweet Station meets Needle Felting

I was looking at my website stats and noticed a bunch of hits coming from a blog called Sweet Station. Then I remembered I had recently submitted a link to my website-They feature really sweet stuff, you can get lost for hours scrolling through the posts & I was delighted to find my Li’l Celebs featured.

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Incredible emails

An unexpected perk of my Felt Alive business is the amazing emails I get from people just discovering needle felting. I got a great one the other day that I am compelled to share.

Hi Kay!
My name is Michelle and I asked for your four disc workshop for Christmas and I got it! I am so happy to see how you do your stuff and make a fantastic Felt Alive doll.

I discovered needle felting just a few months ago. Vriad Lee was featured on an art site I look at. I was amazed that the animals were made out of wool and I had to find out how that was possible. I did a search on youtube and the first video I watched was called Needle Felting Basic Shapes Tutorial. It was really interesting to me and I thought it was something that I might want to try.

It was the very next day that I was in a bookstore and looking at the magazines. There was one that caught my eye with a Halloween cat on the cover. So I picked it up and looked through it. That’s when I found the article on needle felted dolls. There were all of these l’il celebrities featured by Kay Petal. They were amazing. I couldn’t believe that someone could make those amazing dolls out of wool. I went home and googled Kay Petal and found a website and blog and some other things leading to Felt Alive creations. I was so amazed by what I found. It was then that I realized that it was you that I watched on youtube at the very beginning.

I showed your site to whoever would sit and listen to me go on and on about your dolls. It impressed everyone that I showed. I always saved George as the last doll I showed. I love George and that his dentures come out! HIs teeth come out! So for a few weeks I researched how to needle felt and what I would need to start. My husband works at a fabric and craft store and his store carried a few needle felting supplies which I got for my birthday. I was thrilled to try it out to see if I would like it or not. The first thing I did was a red ball. I was totally floored that I could take a blob of wool and shape it into a ball. Then I made a small penguin. He came out really cute. I was hooked at that point. I found it relaxing and fun to stab the wool.

I then wanted to try out a bigger project, something for my husband for Christmas. I started in October so I would have plenty of time to get the present complete by Christmas. It only took me a few days to complete my project and in the end I was really happy how it turned out. My husband really likes anything to do with Bigfoot, so I decided to take on the challenge of making him one. I ordered up some wool from the sites you recommended, I ordered the felting pad from the site you recommended and the super duper rubber coated needles from you. I love the wool from the New England Felting Supply website. The Norwegian C-1 is perfect! Here are a few pictures of him so you can see what you inspired.

When I started this project I went to a friend who is a professional illustrator. He helped me visualize Bigfoot with a concept sketch and I used this sketch as the basis of my “softie.”

The fact that I am in any way involved in Michelle’s discovery of needle felting is really wonderful. Her enthusiasm reminded me so much of my discovery of needle felting. I am looking forward to pictures of the project she creates with her Christmas present.

And here is Michelle’s favorite Felt Alive Doll – George –

Thanks Michelle!

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Getting Ready for My Big Adventure

We are packing up the dogs, some wool and felting needles and some other bare necessities into our new home on wheels. We have shed most of our worldly belongings and are leaving Alaska for destinations unknown in just a few days.

This picture is myself and Patti – a dear friend and one of my only felting connections here in Alaska. Patti embellished this photo (the rv doesn’t really have my name plastered on the front but it looks funny!)

And here is the view from my seat! Pretty funny! The little dogs you see are minis of my poochies that are no longer with us. They were made for me by Gunilla
I started a brand new blog for my exciting big Felt Alive adventure – so my friends can follow me on my felting journey.

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My New DVD Video Workshop!

I have to thank my amazing online students for giving me the idea and the courage to create this project. My students have expressed appreciation for my short, online videos that supplement the written instructions but have requested many times for the videos to be put on DVD for ease of viewing.

So, I took it a step further and made an entire workshop for a needle felted doll on DVD. The 4 Disk set contains 10 hours of needle felting fun. I create a cute and lively character from start to finish, explaining in great detail every step along the way.

And here is a little sneak peek that we put together. I think the close-ups really make it easy to see exactly how the wool reacts to the needles.

The DVD set is available on my website

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Spock – Needle Felted

He was quite fun! Those eyebrows and hair were fun but it was the mouth that was so crucial to get right. I’m in love with my Li’l Spock!

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Daisy – A Felt Alive Needle Felted Doll

Those of you familiar with my work know that I rarely offer my dolls for sale. As living conditions for my collection get more and more crowded, I am faced with the reality that I must learn to say goodbye. So!!

Little Daisy is available for sale on eBay

Daisy stands about 7″ tall and is solid needle felted wool.

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Will Ferrell – ELF!

Will Ferrell – ELF!, originally uploaded by feltalive.

My husband requested a Will Ferrell caricature, my nephew suggested the Elf costume – I think it all worked out although I must admit, this li’l dude sort of gives me the creeps. He looks like he is up to no good if you ask me.

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I Pity the Fool! Mr. T – needle felted

I captured my Li’l T is the outfit that BA wore in the opening sequence of The “A” Team.

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Li’l Travolta Sightseeing in Alaska

I had to make a Li’l Travolta Saturday Night Fever style! Boy does that take me back. I have to find a place with a disco ball for his official photo shoot but in the meantime we took him out sightseeing here in Alaska. When we stopped in at McHugh Creek along Turnagain Arm he learned an awful lot about the Dall Sheep we spotted in the moutains…Hmm….I wonder why he was so fascinated????

I have never needle felted will Dall Sheep wool. Sounds interesting, though.

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The Man in Black needle felted wool

I must say, I’m pretty smitten with my Li’l Cash – he looked like Sean Connery for so long and while I am a fan – Li’l Sean was NOT who this guy was supposed to be. So, like I usually do at that one special moment where my character comes to life – I shouted out with glee “I DID IT!!!!!!” It really is a fun moment…really fun.

Li’l Cash stands about 12″ tall and is 100% needle felted wool. He is fully jointed with needle felted joints and stands on his own without the use of wire armatures.

For his core, I used my favorite wool batting from For his flesh layer, I used my all time favorite needle felting wool – Norwegian C1 Felting Batts (beige peach for Johnny’s flesh) from New England Felting Supply – For his suit, I used Merino Prefelt, also from New England Felting Supply. His hair is Merino roving. And like always, I used my Felt Alive Super-Duper, Color-Coded, Rubber-Coated Felting Needles.

Li’l Cash – An original Felt Alive Wool Sculpture by Kay Petal

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Clementine, originally uploaded by feltalive.

I made Clementine for a VERY special project. She made a long trip to China to a doll manufacturer to study her for possible mass production of my designs. Well, it was no big surprise to learn that they can not be easily reproduced – the style does not lend itself to the assembly line. I was glad to get her safely back home!

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I Felt The Stars

Group Shot, originally uploaded by feltalive.

Eleven Li’l felted celebrities all in a row! Pretty funny – The Li’l Beatles were the first – their scale is a bit smaller than the others but I love them just they way they are.

front row – l-r Li’l Bob Dylan, Li’l Marilyn, Li’l John Lennon, Li’l Ringo Starr, Li’l George Harrison, Li’l Paul McCartney, Li’l Elvis, Li’l Janice Joplin.

back row l-r Li’l Elton John, Li’l Willie Nelson, Li’l Conan O’Brien

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Li’l Elvis in needle felted wool

The wool practically sculpted itself – Li’l Elvis really wanted to come to life. This creation was a lot of fun – right down to the Elvis snarl.