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My life before and after Kay Petal!


Hello everyone, Some time ago I bought a book revealing the mysteries of felting. I decided to start ‘easy’ and make a simple cat. 🙂 After struggling with needles breaking one after the other, poking for hours – I might be exaggerating 🙂 – without fibers even having the slightest desire to felt (this is true though :-)) … ugly cat was born! I can’t say I liked him very much. After showing him to my best friend Dirk who couldn’t stop laughing, I was thinking of throwing him into the garbage can. But this idea was a step too far for Dirk. Even though he had been making fun of ugly cat, he couldn’t stand the idea so I proposed… to adopt him. And so he did! Pfew, was I happy letting ugly cat go! Bye bye kitty! 🙂
But the past months I caught myself still dreaming of felted creatures … so I watched some tutorials on youtube and looked for websites. I tried some things out, starting of with a simple project this time (it’s the truth!!) – a ball. 🙂 Same story, I got frustrated poking and breaking needles ending up with a ball looking like euh… looking like anything but a ball! And then finally the atmosphere changed… when I met Kay Petal. :-)))) Such amazing creatures, I fell in love on the spot and even more amazingly, free video tutorials in real time! What a wonderful gift. So I gave it another try. I took time to watch some of the tutorials (without pushing the fast forward button 🙂 and poked. I started over more then once when the result was not right but thanks to the videos it didn’t feel like struggling anymore, I was discovering and learning!
And this is when Wendy was born. I can’t stop loving her. Wendy told me that during the felting process she was a bit anxious though, scared of ending up like ugly cat … I must admit I do feel a bit guilty about ugly cat. I realize now that I should cherish them all, the ugly ones and the beautiful ones. They all make part of the path I am walking on. But this path is so much more fun and much more easy with Kay then without her!!! I am so grateful for sharing your experience with us Kay. Learning is such fun together with you! Thank you very much. With love from Belgium!

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Felting Classes in Southern Oregon

felting classes in southern oregon

Here are some recent felting projects from my weekly felting classes.  We have been wet felting and needle felting, both magical and fun.  Needle felting ornaments over wool balls (I had made ahead of time in the washing machine) was a blast!  Everyone made several original and fun needle felted creations to take home.  One of my regular students organized a wet felted slipper making party.  None of us had much experience making slippers but we all sure had fun!  We’ve had classes making seamless Nuno felted handbags, we’ve made wet felted wool paintings and needle felting all kinds of creations!

The creativity abounds at Felt Alive Studio!  See the current class schedule HERE!


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Wet Felted Wool Painting Class

felting class - painting with wool

The wet felted wool painting class was so much fun!  It was a creative afternoon filled with laughter as we explored techniques for layout, design and finishing – all of our results were a fun surprise!   See the current schedule for felting classes in my home studio in southern Oregon.




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Nuno Felting Class – Seamless Handbag

Nuno felting class - seamless handbag

Nuno Felting Class – Seamless Handbag

Yesterday I taught a  FUN Nuno Felting class!  It is wonderful to watch each of my students discover a new outlet for their creativity as I introduce them to the endless possibilities of felt making in weekly felting classes here in my home studio.  From traditional flat felt-making to sculptural needle felting, we explore many different techniques for making felt from wool and other fibers.   I’ve posted the current schedule here.

Yesterday, we gathered for a Nuno felted handbag workshop.   Each student designed their bags using wool roving I hand-dyed for the workshop and here are the results!!  Thanks Ladies – it was a blast!!!!!

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The Universal Language of Felt

I have video workshop customers all over the world but most of them speak English very well. I was so pleased to receive this email from a student in Hungary who was able to follow along in my 10 hour long Doll Making Video without being fluent in English!

“Hi Kay,

I send to you photos of my first work. I have great pleasure from it.

Thank you very much for your school.


(Sorry my English, I do not speak english very well)”

My videos have no subtitles so it is very safe to say that Eva speaks the Universal Language of Felt!