How fabulous are Felt Alive color-coded needles??  It’s really best said in our felting needle customer reviews!

felt alive color-coded felting needles

love love love this needle! I love this needle so much, it was the first one i ever used and now i’m addicted, and orderd 2 more so i can always have one handy!! helene Medicine Hat, Alberta
Great Product and quik delivery I have loved these felting needles! The color codes are so practical! Fast delivery! Julie B Greece
My beloved single point yellow!!  My workhorse needle that I couldn’t live without.  Just gets the job done every time.  I start to panic when I’m running low on single yellows!  Fast and efficient speedy felting with this one. Liz S United Kingdom
Review – Single point felting needles yellow 40 triangle I love this needle… use it for most of my doll felting.  Kay has given great advise on when and how to use it! Thanks Kay Terry Winnipeg Manitoba
healing artist Love it. Handy and easy to use. Erika Washington, DC
perfect needles I really enjoy needle felting with these needles. They have very comfy rubber end and seems don’t break so often. Very recommended! Dalia Ireland
Love these needles!!!! I absolutely love these needles!  Will not use anything else.  The comfort and ease they provide while crafting is such a blessing.   Thank you for creating such an amazing product!!! Nancy Mayfield, KY
Great needle—but it broke fast. I’ve never broken a  felting needle while working with it, so I was surprized.  I’m thinking it was that I was pulling on some wool in a manner that it was not intended for. rachel port townsend, wa
Needles I am so happy with the needles from your sight that I recently ordered more.  So much more comfortable to hold and work with. Thank you. Linda New Hampshire
comfortable grip The rubber grip is great for reducing hand strain, since you don’t need to pinch the needle so tightly. It is more fragile than the red 38star, I assume because it is finer. However, none of my students have broken any so far! Laurie Swift Current, SK Canada
Great Quality and Service That needle is so great, I can’t live without it! Vasiliki Athens Greece
What makes this needle special is the grips. They are very nice and comfortable. Now that I’ve used them I feel spoiled and don’t like using my other needles. The down side is you only get two, and you can’t remove the grip to put on other needles. If you tend to break needles these are not the best option as they are expensive. Not extremely necessary, other felting needles are just as good, but if you have the extra cash to spoil yourself I would do it. Just don’t feel that this is your only option as you could buy a pack of 4-5 for the same price if not less, without grips. Tehgan usa
Felting needles Cannot say enough about this “workhorse” needle (as Kay calls it!).  Always have several on hand.  And LOVE the new 4 prong needle! Jackie Florida
Love I’m and amateur felter but these needles make it so much easier than the one that came in a kit a tried 😂 prices and quality on everything is great and I’m so happy I found this resource early on in my felting adventure! Alexandra California
neddles love these needles, a lot easier to hold then the ones without the rubber Cathy Harrow, Ontario Canada
Love my needles! Easier to hold and since I have arthritis that is a good thing. Thanks much. Diane D MA
Love these needles. So easy to work with. Candy NYC
My go to felting needle Love this felting needle! It’s hands down my favorite to use while building my sculptures. Will be trying it in the double and quad now. Vanessa G Florida
SO HANDY When I need to  do some finishing work this is the one I reach for it is wonderful and Kays Super Duper needles keep away the fatigue in my hands Sandra Cape Girardeau MO
My Goto Needle I almost use my Red Star 38 for everything.  I buy all my needles from Kay, thanks! Karen Pennsylvania
I purchased several different of these needles and they are, by far, the best I have ever used. I have already recommended them to others and will continue to do o. Jean M Schoharie, NY
Great needles… comfortable handles. Good price. Thanks, Felt Alive! Amie L Humboldt County
needles I purchased this needle along with the yellow needle. They are very easy to work with. I like the colored handles as I can now tell the difference in the sizes! anne new england
Love these needles. I’m a beginner felter and they are wonderful to work with. PAMELA CATLETTSBURG
What a fantstic new option to felt  is added with this needle!! When I received my needles at the beginning of April,this new blue needle at once became another favorite! It glides into the wool…I don`t have to tell you….but it made me to try needlefelt silk .Most needles available can`t be used for silk, but the Felt Alive Super Duper Needles are PERFECT as always!!! Thank You, Kay!! Angela Germany
The single blue is excellent for that fine finishing off work.  I make miniatures and this needle is essential for me.  Gives a fine smooth finish to your felting. Liza S United Kingdom
blue 40 star needles Hi Kay I really like your needles. They really last a long time and the #40 really gives me a nice finish on my projects. I have a neighbor that comes over and needle felts with me once a week and we both like the performance they deliver. A very satisfied customer Susan Rindchen rick r north lawrence ohio
AZcrafter2 Love these needles.  Do a terrific job and they are comfortable to use. Kathy AZ
Customer Absolutely wonderful Kim USA
I’D BE LOST WITHOUT THIS ONE I make a lot of inanimate objects most recently I started a swamp willow tree attaching each limb would be impossible without this needle I tried all the needles and this is the only one heavy enough that felts deep enough to hold the limbs in place THANKS KAY Sandra Cape Girardeau MO
Favorite Needle For felting alpaca, the Black 36-T is my all purpose go to needle for most felting projects. April PA
Don’t hesitate to buy these needles.  They are so comfortable to use. Kathy W AZ
Great Quality and Service I’m so happy with that needle! Vasiliki Athens Greece
This is the first needle I have broken.   Wanted to replace it because it really is great  for attaching parts securely. Terry Peabody, MA
Felting Needles LOVE this needle, use it all the time! and not just for joining parts, I must be heavy handed because I break a lot of my needles easily but this one does the job well and lasts me a lot longer. Narelle Gold Coast
Better than advertised.  Don’t felt without them. Mary SC
Super Duper Needles I have tried most of the Super Duper needles and love them all.. however my favorite is the 38 star double needle. Best for doing detail work and getting the job done. I would love to try the new quad needle! Linda BC Canada
Love the double point 40t I have the yellow 40t double point needle and I love it. It is lightweight, comfortable and I can needle felt for hours. This is an all-in-one tool which reduces my time while creating double the fun! I will be purchasing the other sizes as well. I have a mild form of carpal tunnel so these tools allow me to create needle felted sculptures without the pain. Thank you! Denise California
Double fun As Kay says. Double point felting needles are double FUN. They work so quickly, that I couldn’t believe that until I tried them! MARINA Barcelona
My favoutite needles I love all my Super-duper felting needles, but the ones I´ve used most so far are the yellow doubles. When felting my wooly dogs they are perfect for shaping the body. I use a single red one for details such as eyes and nose. I´m anxious to try my new blue needles, I have bought both the single and doubles, and now I have to order some quads too ! Thanks Kay for making felting so much more fun <3 Gunilla Stockholm, Sweden
I am lost with out it I ordered the full set of super duper needles and got a double pointed yellow 40t and a double pointed Blue 40star. I didn’t know how I lived without them before!!!My double pointed yellow 40T was used so much it finally broke and I keep finding myself reaching for it and feeling unmentionable sadness at its demise. Hooray for double points! The blue double pointed 40 star is a constant for all my projects. Kay and Super Duper YOU ROCK!!! Susanne Essex Junction Vermont
Blue Double 40star Felting Needles I received a blue double  40star felting needle from Kay with my doll kit and I must say that it made finishing my very first doll a breeze! Double the needle made for a speedier AND smoother finish! A must have for any needle felter 🙂 Maryanne Pennsylvania
Hooray For Comfort I have been using Kay’s needles for several months and especially like the size 40 blues because of the finer point.  Both the single and double are superb for finishing.  Hooray for the comfort of the cushioned handles! Terry United States
The Unbreakables I love to work with the double yellow and red needles.They work quick and easy!!!…and seem to be unbreakable.So I am felting with the double ones about 8? months now and none is broken!!! That`s fantastic!!!! So it is good they came all the long way from the West coast of America.I will not miss my Super Duper Magic Needles!!!! ..only an autopilot is missing in them,to felt  without me!! Angela Munic  Germany
The best needles I have ever used. The rubber handles and side by side points make all the difference.  It is so easy to get a nice finish and make my projects go more quickly, and with no discomfort to my hands!  I can’t imagine using any other needles! Sarah Indianapolis, Indiana
Felting the Super fast way! I love these needles!! They make the felting go super fast, whuch is fantastic!! Lynne Australia
What a GREAT idea! I got one of these not long ago just as I was starting a project for a friend. I am so happy I did! These needles, though fine, do an amazing job of finishing felt and getting rid of the dreaded ‘fuzzies’. This leaves a much more professional looking surface, especially if the needles are inserted at an angle. Aside from the great handle, FA’s needles are the sharpest I’ve ever used. These are also comfortable to use. Now, to order the QUAD. I can’t wait! Natalie Prescott, AZ
Super Duper! I literally cannot imagine felting without these needles. The work is twice as fast and they will just never brake, I love them! Bea Poland
double the fun! I love the double pointed felting needles! You can felt twice as much and get twice the fun. Sarah Sioux Falls, SD
Best on the Market! Love, love, love these double pointed needles!  They make my work so much faster and fun!  Thank you for such a great product Bella New Brunswick, Canada
THE BEST NEEDLES FOR FELTING ever found!!! My purchase was for those spectacular, wonderful awesome needles I get from Kay Thank you ever so much. I do my felting with my left hand, my right hand is out of commission for most things, my left hand can hold the needles very easy,and very comfy..wouldn’t trade for anything. I have completed a number of little friends that I intend to send for comments from all of you. Thank you. Flory Florence Daytona Beach, FL  32118
double yellow  Love this needle but wish it came in a quad! Diane Idaho
Great Needle I am a beginner needle felter and this needle really works great. I love it! Easy to hold and control. Lynda Southern California
If I could only have one needle……. I have at least twenty different needles, but if they were all taken away and I could only keep one, it would be this double yellow.  Faster than any single and no loss of precision control. Every felter has to have one of these! Jeff Cave Junction, OR 97523
Fibre Artist Love the these yellow double needles!  I use them as my most ‘basic’ needles for the general shaping of my sculpted ‘critters’. Move to the single when necessary – but my double yellows go with me everywhere! Heather Brentwood Bay, BC
great needles speeds up felting, same control as single, nice grip Laurie Swift Current, SK Canada
Double point feling needles 40T I adore these felting needles!  They are easy to hold and felt the curls onto my little de-stress sheep in no time! Donna P KCMO
Great needles Absolutely fabulous needles, as were the other items I ordered. Most important was the customer service I received from Kay – I will never buy materials for needle felting from anyone else! Thanks! Ilene B Torrington, CT
Love these needles!!!! I absolutely love these needles!  Will not use anything else.  The comfort and ease they provide while crafting is such a blessing.   Thank you for creating such an amazing product!!! Nancy G Mayfield, KY
Artist using double triangle needle Needle helps to cover larger area in less time. I broke mine off in some thicker stuff, need to use a thicker needle for thicker felting like doll heads and hands. Worked well on body and arms. Kay Homer, Alaska
Love this needle This is a wonderful needle and a must have!! Kelly Vermont
Felting Needles LOVE this needle, on Fibre Arts to define edges and rows, I love the whole range of needles and use them all the time! Narelle Gold Coast
I’m a fairly new felter. My first needles were off e-bay and the first thing I did was drop them. They were unmarked.  After that, I started to belong to facebook groups and learned about different types of needles. I live on the beach and I discovered the really cheap needles get rusty and break quickly in the salt air. Somebody recommended these. I LOVE the doubles and I love the glob of plastic in the end and they seem to hold up better than the singles that I originally started with. Thank you, this is not my first purchase, but I did sign up this time so I would not forget where I got these great needles. Karen Oregon Coast
I love these needles.   I hardly use any other. Deedie New Jersey
I do really love these needles,,easy in the hands and fingers, and strong!! Love the color coded too. Thanks fir still making them available.. Rose Fannettsburg
Blue Is Beautiful Fine finish work leaves a smooth surface Super Duper Needles are wonderful to work with and out last all others Sandra Cape Girardeau MO
My New Favorite The double blue has become my new favorite needle.  Great for finishing and for small projects.  Very happy with my whole order- I’ll definitely keep shopping here! Eden California
The double blues are wonderful for a speedier finishing off and defuzzing.  A regular needle type on my felting pad. Liz United Kingdom
great needles love these needles, great for fine detail and fine wool. Laurie Swift Current, SK Canada
Awesome! I absolutely love these needles!  Will not use anything else.  The comfort and ease they provide while crafting is such a blessing.   Thank you for creating such an amazing product!!! Nancy Mayfield, KY
Double point 40 gauge star and mixed size felting needles Excellent product love them! sally w Australia
Double Point Felting Needles I LOVE Felt Alive’s Felting needles! They are pretty much all that I use. I love the soft handle that is just the right thickness! The double point needles are twice as fast, with the terrific comfort factor. Totally worth it! Once you try these you won’t want any other felting needle! Gerry USA
Love. . .Love. . . all of Kay’s needles. Cindy NE
great needles speeds up surface felting, love the cushion grip Laurie Swift Current, SK Canada
use this all the time, a must have! Jackie O 106 co hwy 146 gloversville ny 12078
I have been using double pointed needles from felt alive for a few years now. The double needles are my very favorite. I like the single red ones form more fine work. The handles are the best I’ve had. Super fast delivery. REALLY FAST. Yvonne Carmichael CA
Customer These are wonderful!!! Kim USA
Felting Needle Six-Pack The idea for making the needles easier to hang on to is great- I had tried wrapping the end of a regular needle in vet wrap, but this is much better.  I also appreciate the color coding. Candace USA
Super Duper Felting Needle 6 Pack I LOVE Felt Alive’s Felting needles! They are pretty much all that I use. I love the soft handle that is just the right thickness! Color coding saves time. Totally worth it! Once you try these you won’t want any other felting needles! The doubles are terrific also! Gerry USA
The difference was amazing! Just started felting recently and had purchased some needles from ebay. Then I got the super dupers. The difference was amazing! Also LOVE the color coding! Dawn USA
Wonderful Felting Products I love all teh wonderful items Kay has here on her site. Not only is there everything a felter needs but the quality is the best. I love the coated needles, it makes them so great to work with. For beginners or seasoned felters…everything is right here. Thank you Kay for providing us with the best! *Ingrid in California Ingrid California
Super Duper Felting Needles These needles are so comfortable that I can felt with them for hours without feeling any strain.  The colour-coding is brilliant, as I can pick out the right needle without having to check it first.  A really good buy! Katherine England
needle felt love the Super Felting Needles, the rubber handles make it much easier to grip. I have used them and my fingers do not get as tired as with the needles with no handles. Received them in a timely manner and in perfect condition. Becky Boxborough
freelance artist Kay’s needles are fantastic. This pack has just the right needle for your basic felting needs and the rubberized grips are the best idea ever.I LOVE them! Thanks so very much. Toni Ohio
Needles These needles are wonderful for felting. I like the well designed handles the most. Thank you. Michelle B Palm Coast
Felting Needle Six Pack The color coding is the best.  When I am working on a sculpture with a bunch of different parts I switch the needles out for different uses quickly.  I use the 40 T the most.  The pack is a better choice than buying them individually and they are cheaper than what the local craft store carries, even with shipping; plus they have handles. Jeanette B Tulsa, OK
Love these needles and the gripper. Patricia P Thurmont, Md
I love these needles. I don’t use anything else now. Nicci R Arizona
Since I teach needle felted marionette making for a Waldorf inspired public school, I thought I would give them a try for my students this year.  Although my second track Handwork teacher did not like them, I do!  I made a pack to hold them all in, with the students numbers written on each pocket, and so I love the color coded handles for quick grabs.  The students also feel special, as I explained how I bought them, for them, this year for the first time.  We are all having a wonderful time stabbing away!!! Jo Fair oaks,ca.
Very happy with the needle pack.  Comfortable to use and color coding is helpful to the novice needle felter.  And a reasonable price, too! Melissa M Shoreview, MN
Soap and fiber artist Love my new needles!  Comfortable to use and high quality. Melissa Michigan
Love these needles! Would not use any other. Wanda L Lincoln, DE
Most amazing needles I have ever used I just started needle felting and had tried a few needles from craft stores, but all of them were terrible. I decided to try Felt Alive’s needles and was completely amazed! These needles work like magic, are super comfortable to hold, and are a thousand times better than the lousy stuff at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores!! Before I wasn’t even able to get a ball to stay together; with these needles I was able to make a complete lifelike chickadee in 2 days.  I really cannot say enough about how amazing these needles are. If you are hesitating, stop hesitating and get them. They will completely change your needle felting life. Meredith Alpharetta, GA
Great value! Love these needles! Great grippy handle and super sharp, my poked fingers can vouch to that! 🙂 Briana Idaho falls
Best needles ever! I have been needle felting for some years and have tried needles from different sources. No more! These are the best. Not only are the handles comfortable, you can actually feel the quality when you use them. I’ll be recommending these and Kay’s other products to my classes from now on. Thank you Kay! Steve L Brisbane, Australia
Just Amazing I love these needles! They make all the difference! I am only going to order my felting needles from Kay! I have ordered more items from her and the shipping was fast and I am happy with all of her products! I even received her Droit Workshop DVD for xmas! Loved it and made my first Droit that same day! Thank you KAY! Evieanna S Chicago
Disappointed in quality of some needles I very much like the comfortable ends.  Was very disappointed with the yellow 40 needles.  Both broke within a very short time (not due to abuse).  They seemed to be more brittle than any other brands I have used.  The black 36 and red 38 were very good. Carol-Ann H Prince George VA.
These are the best needle I have tried. They penetrate the wool smoothly ensure quick felting. Others I have tried appear blunt compared to these very sharp needles. The rubber grips make felting very easy. Marjorie D Bendigo, Australia
I love all of the products I have purchased from Felt Alive. I will be purchasing more suplies today. happy felting BETH buffalo
Needle felter I love using these needles. Their comfortable, their strong, and the color codes make felting so much easier.  I won’t be without them! Rose C Fannettsburg pa.
Wonderful design! Very impressed with the needles and the comfort offered by the molded grips. Great buy!! Kathy North Carolina
Super Duper Six Pack These needles are really easy to work with…no more sore fingers! Virginia C Orlando, FL
Fantastic These were my first felting needles and I must say, they are a great first choice. They are really sharp and the rubber makes them super comfortable to use. The colors help with classification. I think it is great how you put them all in a package. If you are considering these, get them. Mint Illinois
Maxx Amazing! I was on the fence about this purchase but I am so happy I went through with it. If you are not sure if it is worth it, It is. Go ahead and treat your self.  While I am very new to needle felting I am loving the craft. This kit only makes me love it more. With these needles I am making dolls faster, and more efficient than I could have ever done with the needle I was going to buy from Michaels. The price is way better than store bought as well. I have only good things to say about not only these needles but feltalive in general. I even left a comment asking for advise as I could not find the color I needed and they included a very small sample for me to try. I am now a customer for life, Thank you felt alive. Stephen S Albuquerque NM
quality product! I will def buy again! Haven’t broken any needles despite being a beginner! Jen portland, or
Fantastic needles!! This is the 2nd set of these I have ordered because I just love them soooo much!! I wanted to have an extra set on hand!! Totally love them!! Shon Alma, Ks
LOVE these!! I am new-ish to needle-felting, and these were the second set of needles I bought.  The first was a nice set of four, but they did not have the cushioned grips on them like these do and I have to say:  The grips make a huge difference!!  So comfortable to hold, they don’t slip down my fingers while I poke away, and the colours are super helpful at finding what I want quickly.  Highly, highly recommend these! Alyssa N Arizona
crafter great carol michigan
Fun Pack Love the needles, very comfy grip, strong.  I am going to order another pack soon! Kim Southern California
Felting Needles The best thing about the felting needles is the grip.  Many finger pokes have been prevented by being able to hold and work with the needle held securely in your fingers.  Can’t wait to try the new one. Virginia Knoxville, TN
Felting Wonder Needles! I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your felting needles. I have used several other brands and have found yours are much more comfortable as well as great at getting the job done. I have several different ones in my needle cushion and I always find myself reaching for yours! Just bought another set and am very happy! Lori Norfolk, NY
Felting Needle Fun Pack I LOVE Felt Alive’s Felting needles! They are pretty much all that I use. I love the soft handle that is just the right thickness! The double point needles are twice as fast, with the terrific comfort factor. Totally worth it! Once you try these you won’t want any other felting needle! This is a great kit with everything in it. I use both the singles and doubles in ALL of my Custom Sculptures! You’ll LOVE them!! Gerry USA
Love these needles!!! I ordered this Super Duper Fun Pack for the grips and the way you described the needles. I’m new at needle felting and I have only used two other brands of needles. I have to say, I ADORE THESE!! I just got them in the mail today(7-19-2012) and I tried them out right when I got off work!!! Simply love them. They got here super fast too! Thank you for these!!! Tina Bryant, Alabama
Best Felting Needles! I LOVE these needles! I use the yellow and the black the most. They really are the best needles I’ve ever tried! And the comfort grip is a felter’s dream! I won’t use anything else since I’ve tried these!! Caroline Barnegat, NJ
Super Soft, super nice! These are great needles! So much easier to hold on to for longer periods of time. Very durable Wanda Delaware
Best needles I’ve tried! I love that they’re color coded AND super comfortable to use. Lee D Brinnon, Washington
Thank you so much in introducing me to a great art. I have needle felted a few items mainly animals. one which iam proud of an Airedale.It was Auctioned off on the Airedale rescue site and fetched 120.00 for the cause. jacquie perth W.A
This felting needle selection is just what I was looking for to explore felting. The service was super quick and the needles are exactly what I was expecting. Thanks! Leslie AZ
Single and double point Great online shopping experience.  The needles are very comfortable to use.  I’d next like to try the multi-point. Ramona North Carolina
needles I am very new to needle felting and found these to be the best needles!!  Kay has helped me so much!! Jeanette B Jasper, GA
Super Duper Felting Needles LOVE, Love Love these needles.  They are comfortable to use and clearly marked on the packaging as to the use of each color code!! Marilynn Vancouver
Wonderful These are the BEST needles. Easy to hold, work wonderfully, and they do more than I expected!!! Sally H Chipley, Fl
Great set of needles, covers almost all my needs in one pack. Thank you Jackie N England
Needle Pack Great needles. I recommend them to all. The grips are fantastic and make felting so much more comfortable. Susan M Hampton
Great Needles New to needle felting but so far these are the best needles I have tried. Love the double needles makes the work go faster. Lebo Indianapolis, IN
My bigginer pack of needles! So much better then needles you buy at the craft store! the double point needles are so cool I used them alot and have had them for a year now! I recomend these to anyone they make you felt like a pro. I wouldn’t use any other brands to start learning with! the quality is great for years to come, a good price too! Nora Florida
ordered more!! I am a beginner felter but I ordered several kinds of needles from various sites to learn and see the differences.  I totally love these needles and the rubber grippy tops are wonderful! I ordered another set the other day!  If you try them, you will love them! Shon K Alma, Ks
I cant begin to tell you how TERRIFIC that ALL these needles are!!!I I cant begin to tell you how TERRIFIC that ALL these needles are!!!I am a COMPLETE beginner to this wonderful hobby and I was using the “generic” needles that come with the little kits that you can get here and there online.  The difference in my work and ease of my work was like night and day with these needles!!! I wrote down which needle was for what work based on the color code and used them like that and they are just SOOOO wonderful! I will be a repeat customer!!!! Jola McEwen,TN
Variety pack of needles LOVE THESE NEEDLES!  Will be ordering more! janet Indiana, Pa.
Love them I am a newbie but these are awesome. Comfortable, easy to use, and it is so easy to pick the needle you want. Mn Georgia
Great Find I love them!!! The unique rubber tip design is perfect. I can work many hours and my hand doesn’t cramp or become tired. I will surely be buying this product again.  Thank You for such a unique and user friendly design. Kalisi Kalisi  Maryland
Great Products! I only recently discovered needle felting & was led to this site. These are great quality needles with comfortable handles & I’ve no doubt they contributed to making even my very first project a success. I’ll be a continuing customer here. Jeff W Huntsville, AL
Great felting tools! Since I discovered Kay Petal’s felting needles,I only use them! They are great tools,handles are are perfect,I can felt for hours with them! My favorites! Monica S Switzerland
Great Needles These needles are very nice.  I particularly like the double and singles in red and yellow and the single in blue.  I tend to use very soft fine roving (bamboo and merino blend) and these are great for that.  Generally I make small items so the quads are a bit much, but I can definitely see where they would be handy for larger projects!  The plastic makes them comfortable and reduces the slippage of needles without them.  They also make it so you don’t have to grip the needles so tightly and I appreciate the reduced stress on my hands! Alecia Fort Worth, TX
Great felting These are great felting needles…I like the way they are color coded…no need to guess…I like that they have handles…and that they have multi needles …I am a repeat customer Debbie Florida
Felting Needle Sampler Pack I absolutely love this sampler pack. I had no idea what I was missing and how much easier it is to use these felting needles. I’ve used all of them to date and find that each has a specific purpose for me. From very fine detailing to attaching pieces. The unique rubber coating on the handle makes for less hand fatigue and safety, because of the sure grip. In addition, rubber coatings come in different colors, so it is easy to distinguish the type of needle to use. Linda Z Salem, Oregon
a good felted job these needles are really good. I can work more fine and easy. Thera are not at Spain and I’m a lucky man to find it here Manuel S Barcelona Spain
Beginner Felter These were the first needles I bought to use needle felting. I got the complete sampler set, the a set of reverse, and a set of spiral needles. All of them feel REALLY sturdy. Especially compared to some needles I got at random craft stores which feel flimsy and are harder to hold. I use a lot of the needles interchangeably but they all have a distinct feel and manner in which they felt. This was the BEST CHOICE I EVER MADE getting these needles to start with! I don’t think I would have kept up with needle felting had I only been using the cheap store-bought needles. These are a must have for any level! I’m thinking about getting a set for my friend who tried needle felting but it never stuck. Great gift, great set, I expect them to last for a long time. Chandra Minnesota
The needles are lovely to work with in hand and I enjoy the organization of the needles…easier than a circular arrangement in the quad.  I highly recommend this grouping of needles for general dry felting sculptures.  Thank you for this offering, I’m sure to get many hours of enjoyment with them! Jane K Medicine Hat Alberta
Owner/Designer These are exactly what we were looking for to start with felting this holiday season.  As a craftsperson myself I respect those who take their skills to the next level. And even better to share this with others is amazing. Don’t shop around you found what you need here. Jen Pittsburgh
I cant imagine felting without these…my arthritic hands just wouldnt be able to do it.  May I suggest you consider adding a spiral.. MaryAnn Pomfret Center
These needles are amazing!! I love how they are colour coded and they are so comfortable to use. Thank you so much!!! Wendy New Zealand
YELLOW QUAD NEEDLES Received my order of yellow quad needles yesterday and I absolutely love them. Thank you for stocking them. I also would like to say that the slated blue quads that I was sent to try a bit ago are great. I like the slanted ones as they are perfect for working on rounded objects especially. Carolyn USA
Super Duper Time Saver The yellow quad is wonderful for felting the egg shaped body parts.  It sure speeds up the felting process. Terry USA
I use the quad mostly for making flat felted items such as clothing.  I don’t have a red quad yet but the yellow is working wonderfully until my next order which will have a red included. May have to try some pre-felt next time. Love these needles! Daisy Huntington WV
great needles fast sculpting, comfortable handles Laurie Swift Current, SK Canada
Quad needle review Absolutely love the quad pointed felting needles. Speed things up alot Barb Penticton , B C Canada
Felting Needles Love this for my Fibre Art, and very strong, use it all the time on large areas. Narelle Gold Coast
I Love My New Blue Quad Thank you, Kay!! I received my new Super Duper Quad Felting Needle and just love it. It gets the felting done super fast. Thanks again for the new Quad design.  I will be using it on all of my new feltings. Terry United States
Like buttah! LOVE the quad pint! goes thru the wool like butter! def. helps (when making so many “egg shapes”) the process go much quicker! Dawn Staten Island NY
 quad needles Love the new quad needles!  Can’t wait until you make all the other needles into quads.  These are a must have. Teri Jefferson, GA
Needle Felted Rock Heads I used the new quad blue needle to do competely all the clothes for my latest NF Rock Head and WOW I love it!  The clothes go together faster and no poking marks!  I had so much fun!  I am going to order a couple more to have on hand, I honestly would hate to be without this needle. 🙂 Pam Ruthton MN
Quad 40-star I’ve just received this quad blue needle and decided to give it a try. Wow talk about a smooth soft finish to my projects. I love that it comes in a quad so it make my project work faster. I think now I’ll tr the double for finishing the little areas of my sculptures. Thanks Kay it is an awesome addition to the group of wonderful felting needles! Linda British Columbia, Canada
Review for Super Duper Quad Needle I just used the Super Duper Quad Tip Felting Needle.  I love this needle.  It felts so fast.  The grip is really good as well.  This needle works so much better than using a single tip needle. Tami Milwaukie, Oregon
Favorite for special work This quad point needle makes my work go a little faster.  In particular, I use it when i want to needle an indentation, such as a line. Kathleen Whidbey Island
Amazing tool! I do a lot of flat felting and this tool quickly felts my pieces without damaging the wool or showing big holes everywhere. Great for making clothes for dolls or felt “paintings”. Highly recommend!! Amanda Minnesota
great needles perfect for fine surface Laurie Swift Current, SK Canada
I have just been spoiled by these quad needles, especially with larger projects. Not only do they speed up the tedious needle work but they are much sturdier than ordinary needles and I am unable to break them as easily as I did whilst using the other needles that I used prior to my ‘discovery’ of this brand. I have to also put in a good word for the handles as they assist your grip and thus you have greater control. They are simply a treasure especially if your are a serious felter. carolyn b Anchorage alaska
These are Great These are the best felting needles. Sally B Chipley, Florida
Quad Blue This is amazing! Thank-you. Elaine Hyannis
Excellent Product Nice strong needles, love the quad point, my go-to for finishing every time.  Leaves a good, smooth surface and with the needles so close together makes the finishing so much quicker.  Off to buy the other quad points now. Rayne United States
Best needles Quad Felting Needles are fabulous to work with. I found the solution when using merino or merino/mix batts to the big marks a needle make: the quad blue 40-star. By now I have all the quads, it speed the project magically. Sol USA
FELTER YOU ARE A GODDESS Kay Thank You so Much these Quad points saved my Dragon from the bin!! I must have broken 20 needles in him when I was putting themin one of those handle things the needles were so low quality they just had to see work to break yours are standing up great I worked on him for 7 hrs yesterday and not one needle gave out!!! I will be Ordering more of these (all sizes) again Sandra Cape Girardeau MO
red quad needles This is the first 38 quad needle that I have ordered and I am in love with it and like it is slanted very much. Carolyn USA
great needles super fast finishing, comfortable handles Laurie Swift Current, SK Canada
Quad felting tool Great tool. It felts fast and I love the grips on all your needles. Caprice W Long Beach, CA
Great Like the other quad needles that I bought, these are great!!! Sally Chipley, Florida
The reverse barb Very Cool Needle Elaine Hyannis, MA
This reverse needle is fun to use.   I tufted out the breast on my little bird.  And if you go too deep and too much comes out, just trim with scissors….great tool. Terry Peabody, MA
Super Tool This yellow and red needle works hard.  I like the feel of felting with the shorter tip and of course the comfortable handle. Terry WA
Want more of these needles! I have just started felting and I ordered a fun pack of the assorted needles and this short needle.  I love love love it!!  It is my favorite!!  I have other needles from other places and I keep using this shortened one! I am going to order more to have on hand!  You ought to try some! Shon Alma, Ks
Felting Needles LOVE this NEW Needle, It works well for me and I will get a lot of use from it, BUT needs to come in the twin needle option also, that would be really great! Narelle Gold Coast
Truly Super Duper! I’ve been in love with the Super Duper needles for over a year now, and when these new shorter, sturdier 40 star blades were introduced, I had to try one. And wow! It is my workhorse, my main squeeze, so to speak. I didn’t think these super comfortable and balanced Felt Alive needles could get better, but a shorter blade is so much sturdier, feels more stable and it even seems to felt more efficiently. I’m hooked on these, and have gotten a few “back ups” but haven’t broken or bent one yet! And my mother, who breaks needles weekly (her arthritis-damaged hands don’t have full feeling in them so she has a hard time knowing how much pressure she’s applying) hasn’t broken one of these yet! These really, truly are Super Duper!!! Cherie Chehalis, WA

Needle felters know best and our felting needle Customer Reviews really do say it ALL!  I hope you decide to make these fun and fabulous felting needles a part of your creativity!

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