GARDEN ART Needle Felting Video Tutorial

Learn the basics of needle felting on a wire armature in this fun and colorful 1 hour long Felt Alive Video Tutorial.  If you have watched any of my other video tutorials, you might have noticed that I don’t typically use wire armatures.  Using wire armatures for mushrooms, worms, bugs and flowers makes them easy to display in an around your home and garden.  My collection lives in flower pots, trees and anywhere that can use a splash of color.

Add a splash of needle felted fun to your garden or patio with this 1 hour Felt Alive Video Workshop and learn the basics of needle felting on a wire armature.

needle felting on a wire armature
Mushrooms worms and bugs and the only workshop that uses wire armatures!

Are You READY to learn how to Felt Alive?

Press Play and Let the Magic Begin!

this video tutorial is FREE to watch – no registration, no log-in and no ads 🙂  Enjoy!

Thanks for watching! I hope you are in love with your new creations and that you learned lots of helpful needle felting tips and tricks..

My biggest tip for students is this – if you are not in love with your creation, it only means you haven’t finished.   If something isn’t right, go back over the lessons and don’t be afraid to keep felting.

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