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Welcome to Felt Alive's Magical World of Needle Felting!

...where wondrous fluffs of wool transform into whimsical characters with heart and soul.

felt alive needle felting by kay petalIf you are looking for needle felting resources, supplies and inspiration, here you will find hours and hours of Felt Alive Video Tutorials (watch for free!) Felt Alive Needle Felting Wool and our special Felt Alive Felting Needles color-coded to accompany all the videos.  You'll also find needle felting resources along with tips and tricks that I use every day to bring my Felt Alive dolls to life.

I hope you find my site informative and inspiring and that you discover what it means to Felt Alive.

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Your Friend in Needle Felting, Kay Petal


Needle Felting is such a crazy, cool craft!

Nearly anything that one can imagine can be created with the relaxing, repeated jabbing of specialized barbed felting needles into wool or other fiber.  As you poke along, you will see and feel the fiber transforming into felt.  You will get into the rhythm of the needle piercing into the wool as your ideas magically come to life and you will be hooked on this curious and and magical craft forever.

While commercial needle felting has been used in the non-woven fabric industry since the early 1900s, needle felting by hand was innovated in the 1980s by a collaboration of several fiber artists in the US and abroad.  Borrowing a single felting needle from an industrial needle felting loom (a machine that punches thousands of needles simultaneously into varying types of natural and synthetic fibers to produce non-woven fabric, felt, filter material, carpet pads, etc.) it was found that fiber could be sculpted into three dimensional forms by shaping the fiber and felting it with the repeated stabs of just this single felting needle.  This lead to the discovery of an amazing fun and new hand-crafting medium that can be either 3-dimensional, 2-dimensional or somewhere in between.


















Learn Needle Felting with Felt Alive!

You can learn exactly how I go about creating my Felt Alive needle felted creations by felting along with Felt Alive video tutorials.  The videos are filmed in real-time (no high-speed sequences) with many close-ups so you won't be left guessing!

Felt Alive Videos with Kay Petal

Learn the magic of needle felting!








































Get a custom doll of your favorite person!

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