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how much wool do I need for needle felting????

How much wool do I need for needle felting? It’s a question I get asked often.   Wool is typically sold by the ounce – and since I primarily use wool batting (rather than roving) I’ll talk about that.

An ounce of lofty wool batting will fill a 2 cup measuring container. Depending on how dense or firm you felt, this ounce of wool can stay nearly this size or can be felted down into the size of a walnut.  (this kind of size reduction takes many hours, can cause needle breakage as well as hand fatigue as the felt gets really dense.)

Stuffed into a measuring cup – an ounce of Felt Alive Wool Batting looks about like this:


how much wool do I need for needle felting


how much wool do I need for needle feltingFor my projects and my style of felting, a twelve inch doll typically weighs about 3-5 oz.  Since my dolls are solid needle felted wool (no wire armatures or sewn fabric clothing) that’s how much wool it takes to make a doll.    The bulk of my dolls are the core parts that I felt with my un-dyed core wool batting – I plan on using two ounces of core wool for each project and then another two ounces of a skin color.  The remaining weight (if any) comes from the wool I use to needle felt the needle felted wool pixieclothing to the doll and the wool I use for hair.
For a 3 ” Pixie, it takes less than an ounce!
I hope this gives you some idea of where to start when asking yourself “how much wool do I need for needle felting?”

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