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Mac – Extreme Needle Felting

Meet Mac! He is my crazy little Scotsman with a penchant for Irish Whiskey. I planned on making a grumpy little old man in a wool suit. When I was ready to get Mac dressed, I decided to let him pick out his own outfit. So – it’s not my fault!

It’s a full Scottish Moon!
It’s censored for the blog.
Here’s a link to see the the Real Mac

Party’s Over!!

As you can probably guess, I had a blast creating Mac. In my online classes, I stress the importance of relaxing and having fun! I certainly practiced what I preach when it came to my little Mac. He is about 8 inches tall and solid needle felted wool.

3 thoughts on “Mac – Extreme Needle Felting

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  2. What a cute old man! What a project.

  3. HiyaWell I’ve just popped on over to view mac in all his glory. And phew… what a man! Lol. I’ve had a lot of fun looking at your gallery etc… Your work and the detail is very inspiring. I’m fairly new to needlefelting but I’m having a blast!Thanks for sharing.Best wishes..Bernie PS Not sure if you know already but the link to mac needs tweaking. Here’s the correct URL in case you are able to update it:

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