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My life before and after Kay Petal!


Hello everyone, Some time ago I bought a book revealing the mysteries of felting. I decided to start ‘easy’ and make a simple cat. 🙂 After struggling with needles breaking one after the other, poking for hours – I might be exaggerating 🙂 – without fibers even having the slightest desire to felt (this is true though :-)) … ugly cat was born! I can’t say I liked him very much. After showing him to my best friend Dirk who couldn’t stop laughing, I was thinking of throwing him into the garbage can. But this idea was a step too far for Dirk. Even though he had been making fun of ugly cat, he couldn’t stand the idea so I proposed… to adopt him. And so he did! Pfew, was I happy letting ugly cat go! Bye bye kitty! 🙂
But the past months I caught myself still dreaming of felted creatures … so I watched some tutorials on youtube and looked for websites. I tried some things out, starting of with a simple project this time (it’s the truth!!) – a ball. 🙂 Same story, I got frustrated poking and breaking needles ending up with a ball looking like euh… looking like anything but a ball! And then finally the atmosphere changed… when I met Kay Petal. :-)))) Such amazing creatures, I fell in love on the spot and even more amazingly, free video tutorials in real time! What a wonderful gift. So I gave it another try. I took time to watch some of the tutorials (without pushing the fast forward button 🙂 and poked. I started over more then once when the result was not right but thanks to the videos it didn’t feel like struggling anymore, I was discovering and learning!
And this is when Wendy was born. I can’t stop loving her. Wendy told me that during the felting process she was a bit anxious though, scared of ending up like ugly cat … I must admit I do feel a bit guilty about ugly cat. I realize now that I should cherish them all, the ugly ones and the beautiful ones. They all make part of the path I am walking on. But this path is so much more fun and much more easy with Kay then without her!!! I am so grateful for sharing your experience with us Kay. Learning is such fun together with you! Thank you very much. With love from Belgium!

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