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New Li’l Willie – Needle Felted Doll

Li’l Willie Nelson #2.  Little Li’l Willie was one of my early caricatures.  Big Li’l Willie is my first attempt to repeat a subject.  They are two years apart. 

9 thoughts on “New Li’l Willie – Needle Felted Doll

  1. What no weed? Just joking.He is ever so cute you are very talnted I have looked at all your old work.

  2. They are both so awesome Kay 🙂

  3. It's wonderful to see your skill increase. I thought Lil Willie 1 was good, but Willie 2 is AWESOME!

  4. Wow! Love them both and especially new Willie's boots.

  5. Wow, I just discovered your work, and it's amazing!!! What fun, and such detail. I'm trying my hand, and signed up on your forum…thank you for sharing your world!

  6. ¿Un mundo real k parece de fantasía o un mundo de fantasía k pudiera ser real?
    Es lo más maravilloso k he visto en mi vida en lana fieltrada. ¡Enhorabuena!
    Saludos desde mi osera

  7. They're both brilliant but if anything your new work is better than the old. even more characterful somehow.

  8. Thanks everyone for the nice comments! I appreciate them. Nelly, I know…its Willie. 😉

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