PIXIES Needle Felting Video Tutorial

This is a fast and easy project and absolutely perfect for beginners to experience the thrill of bringing wool to life using only wool and barbed felting needles.

Materials & Supplies


Felting Needle 6 Pack includes the color-coded felting needles you need for this workshop.

Wool Batting

  • .5 oz wool batting – Skin Tone
  • 1 oz wool batting – variety of colors for clothing
  • Small amounts of white wool (roving or batting) for teeth and eyes,  dyed wool for eye color, blush and shading

Foam Felting Pad

Felting Sticks (paper lollipop sticks or wooden skewers)

Strong sewing needle (used as a sculpting tool – not for sewing)

linked products available in our store – non-linked products are widely available online.  (we no longer carry wool products)


1. The Head   2. The Nose  3. The Mouth  4. Sculpting

5. The Eyes  6. Shading  7. The Body  8. Attaching the Head

9. The Arms  10. The Hat

Thanks for watching! I hope you are in love with your new little friend you created in this workshop and that you learned lots of helpful needle felting tips and tricks..

My biggest tip for students is this – if you are not in love with your creation, it only means you haven’t finished.   If something isn’t right, go back over the lessons and don’t be afraid to keep felting.

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