Purple-ish 40t Twist

The Purple (burgundy-ish) 40t twist blade felting needles are a versatile multi-purpose tool.  The blade of the needle has a spiral twist that pierces easily into your project and assists with tangling your fiber into felt.
When I’m needle felting my dolls, I tend to switch back and forth between my yellow 40t and this twisted blade 40t.  The yellow is my trusty workhorse but the purple is great when I my project starts getting dense since it pierces through felted wool easier.  The twist blade needle seems to leave less holes in my projects and makes a great finishing tool.  It glides through the fiber with ease while felting up my project fast and smooth.
This needle grabs and felts fiber fast and works great for felting fine fiber such as Alpaca fiber or Merino wool and even for those that prefer a coarser wool.

Available in single, double and quad!

twist blade felting needles

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