Quad Point

Quad Point Felting Needles – Multi-Needle Felting Tools from Felt Alive – Color-Coded with Cushioned Handles!

Our Quad Point Felting Needles are four needles permanently affixed in a comfortable, cushioned handle.  We offer them in a variety of popular gauges (sizes.) PLUS they are color-coded so you can easily pick the right tool for the task at hand.

Quad Point Felting Needles

It takes many jabs with a felting needle to transform fiber into felt.  Our quad point felting makes one jab count as four, speeding up your felting.

The tips on the quads are slightly tapered, making them glide into fiber easily.

Multiple needles can be difficult to pierce through densely felted fiber.  If you feel you are working too hard, switch to a thinner gauge quad or switch to a double or single point.

Quad Point Felting Needles



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