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Finger Puppet Fairies

a perfect Introduction to the Magic of Sculptural Needle Felting
Needle Felted Finger Puppet Fairies Video Tutorial from Felt Alive!  Felt along with me and I’ll teach you how to transform wool into these wee little ones! While you are making your Finger Puppet Fairies, somewhere along the way you are sure to discover what it means to Felt Alive.
Needle Felting is truly an amazing craft. It’s relaxing, meditative, therapeutic, peaceful, magical and a bit mysterious. The wool is fun to sculpt and very forgiving of ‘mistakes’.
Spend a couple of hours with me at my felting pad and I’ll take the mystery out of this fun, new craft! I’ll teach you, step-by-step and poke-by-poke, my secrets of bringing wool to life.
The moment the wool smiles and blushes you’ll be hooked on needle felting forever!  I hope you have fun learning how to make needle felted finger puppet fairies!

Needle Felted Finger Puppet Fairies Video Tutorial

Fun & Easy for All Skill Levels


Materials and supplies used in this video

needle felted finger puppet fairies video tutorial

.5 oz  Flesh Tone colored wool
1 oz (.5 oz ea of 2 colors) Needle Felting Wool
2 ea 6″ x 6″ Sheets Merino Prefelt
Wool for Details – small amounts of pink, brown and white + needle felting stick
Fiber For Hair – hand spun wool yarn, curly wool locks or merino roving
Felt Alive Felting Needles
1 Single & 1 Double Point Yellow 40t, 1 Single Black 36t & 1 Single Blue 40star
1 Foam Felting Pad 9″x6″



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