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Needle Felting a Droit Tutorial

This workshop is one of my personal favorites. It’s a great one if you want to learn easy techniques for building a flexible, jointed body.

Droits Needle Felting Tutorial

These guys are silly and adorable – a great exercise in needle felting flexible, wire-free jointed bodies.
Workshop Features:
  • 5 Hours Narrated Video Instruction
  • Clear, Birds-Eye View with Close-Ups
  • Unique & Expressive Needle Felted Faces
  • Fully Jointed & Flexible (wire-free) Bodies That Stand on Their Own
  • Hands & Feet Made Easy
  • Fun & Easy for All Skill Levels


Disc 1

Introduction | Supplies | The Torso | The Head

Arms & Legs | The Nose | The Mouth  |  Sculpting the Nose

The Eyes | The Eye Lids | Sculpting | The Brow Bones

Disc 2

Finishing the Head | The Ears | Hip Joints

Knee Joints | Shoulder Joints  |  Elbow Joints

The Butt | The Belly| The Chest

Disc 3

Back Muscles | The Feet | The Toes & Attaching Feet

The Hands  |  The Fingers | Attaching the Hands

Attaching the Head | Finishing Touches



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