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DROITS Needle Felting Video Tutorial

This workshop is one of my personal favorites. It’s a great one if you want to learn easy techniques for building a flexible, jointed body that stands on its own without the use of wire armatures.
Welcome to DROITS Needle Felting Video Tutorial.  This is a 5 hour long, comprehensive sculptural needle felting course that is easy enough for beginner needle felters with plenty of advanced techniques for more experienced needle felters.  These DROITS came from my imagination and not only are they silly and adorable, making one is a great exercise in needle felting flexible, wire-free jointed bodies.
Workshop Features:
  • 5 Hours Narrated Video Instruction
  • Clear, Birds-Eye View with Close-Ups
  • Unique & Expressive Needle Felted Faces
  • Fully Jointed & Flexible (wire-free) Bodies That Stand on Their Own
  • Hands & Feet Made Easy
  • Fun & Easy for All Skill Levels



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