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Needle Felting a SANTA Tutorial

Needle Felting a Santa Workshop

This is such a great video for learning advanced techniques for sweet, smiling needle felted faces with simple bodies.  Santa stands on his own without using any wire armatures – from head to toe he’s all needle felted wool.

Disc 1

Introduction | Santa’s Torso | Santa’s Head | Santa’s Legs

Santa’s Arms Santa’s Feet | Santa’s Face | The Mouth

Cheeks and Chin

Disc 2

Santa’s Eyes | Eyelids | Santa’s Teeth | Santa’s Ears

 Shading| Attaching the Parts

Disc 3

Butt & Belly | Attaching Santa’s Feet | Heels and Soles

Getting Dressed | Santa’s Mittens | Santa’s Jacket

Attaching Santa’s Head | Getting Dressed continued

Santa’s Hair |Santa’s Hat

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Disc 1  |  Disc 2  |  Disc 3


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