Felt Alive Needle Felted Dolls

Felt Alive needle felted dolls are sculpted from 100% wool using only barbed felting needles.  My dolls are fully jointed; I make them without the use of wire armatures and they stand on their own, bending and flexing nearly like they are alive!  All of the features are needle felted wool, including eyes, teeth, clothing and even their hair.  I’ve created dolls for celebrities, musicians, anniversary couples, birthday surprises and just for fun.  To see all of my dolls, make sure to visit my gallery  and to order a custom Felt Alive Needle Felted Doll – click here.

Felt Alive Dolls are the Life of the Party!



Click Here to order a custom doll & make sure to check out my gallery for even more needle felted wool caricatures!

Felt Alive Felting Needles

If you haven’t tried Felt Alive Felting Needles, you are in for a treat!

Felt Alive Felting Needles are available in the most popular sizes/gauges for needle felting.  They are permanently affixed in rubber handles and come in our original single point (one needle in the handle) and now double point (two needles affixed in the rubber handle) and quad point (4 needles affixed in a comfy rubber handle.)

Purchase Felt Alive Felting Needles HERE

Live Needle Felting Classes

Join me in my home studio in Southern Oregon for weekly needle felting classes.  Check out the Current Class Schedule

Free Needle Felting Video Tutorials

Master the art of sculptural needle felting with Free Needle Felting Video Tutorials from Felt Alive!  I’ve filmed hours of comprehensive instructions and offer many projects to choose from.  From simple introductory tutorials to comprehensive doll-making videos, you will find your friend in needle felting when you start watching.  I narrate and explain every step along the way without using high-speed sequences that leave you guessing.  I share my insight into this fun craft and I share my pitfalls and how to correct mistakes – but mostly I share my love of needle felting and encourage you to discover the creative needle felter in you!

Learn how fun and easy it is to bring your ideas to life with Free Needle Felting Video Tutorials from Felt Alive!    Follow along with any of the projects and soon you’ll be inspired to bring your own ideas to life.

The ENTIRE library of Felt Alive Video Workshops is available to watch here.

Check out my videos – They are all free to watch HERE!  and make sure to visit the Student Gallery and all of their amazing needle felted projects!