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We’ve been putting the FUN into needle felting since 2008 with our comfortable, color-coded Felt Alive Felting Needles in a variety of sizes/gauges for all of your needle felted projects.

Comfortable, convenient and colorful!  Once you try our felting needles you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them!

felt alive felting needles

“These needles are so comfortable that I can felt with them for hours without feeling any strain. The colour-coding is brilliant, as I can pick out the right needle without having to check it first. A really good buy!”

Reviewed by: Katherine from England

felt alive felting needles

A variety of needle sizes are available in our original Single Point, Double Point (two needles in one!) and Quad Point – 4 needles affixed together in a comfortable rubber handle.  Our color-coding makes it easy to pick the right felting needle for the task at hand.

See our entire lineup of Felt Alive Felting Needles HERE

Learn How!!  Our felting needles are color-coded to accompany Felt Alive Video Workshops.


Felt Alive Video Workshops WATCH NOW for FREE!!

From start to finish and every step in between!  Discover the Magic of needle felting with Felt Alive Video…

learn how to needle felt with felt alive videos

Discover the magical joy of needle felting and learn the secrets of how to Felt Alive!  Many projects to choose from, over 40 hours of instruction from my felting pad to yours.  Click HERE to Watch Online for FREE!

“Kay is warm, funny and a natural teacher when watching her dvd I really was able to learn a lot and fast too…”

Reviewed by: Jessica from Melbourne, Australia

Needle Felting Fun with Felt Alive!

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Showing all 38 results