BLUE Finisher 42t- SINGLE Point Felting Needles – 2 pack

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  • 2 Single Point Felting Needles Included in Pack


Our Blue Finisher is an ultra-fine gauge triangle blade felting needle that is perfect for fine detail work, surface design and for finishing up the surface of your felt. It doesn’t felt down your project yet closes up holes left behind by other needles. It works great with fine fiber.

I use the blue single point needles when creating the needle felted eyes of my dolls. It is also a favorite for adding a rosy glow to their cheeks. The blue double point is my favorite for quick finishing of the surface of my dolls and the quad point is perfect for finishing large areas.

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Weight 0.0625 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

1 review for BLUE Finisher 42t- SINGLE Point Felting Needles – 2 pack

  1. Chantal

    They’re good needles, but VERY fragile. If you buy these, be very gentle, and keep them very safe when not in use.

    I wished I could buy only one of the single-point needles, or mix colors, because I thought I didn’t need two of the same needle. Then I almost immediately broke my first one, because I applied lateral pressure while trying to pull the wool through a loop in my armature. I thought, my bad, I’ll be more careful with the other one now that I know how fragile it is. The next day, I stuck the needle into my foam pad while I was taking a break from my project. My cat knocked the foam pad off my desk, and it must have landed on the handle because the needle broke. The other needle I ordered, a quad point orange, remained intact. But now I can’t finish my projects, because I have no single point needles. I wish I had a warning to be extremely careful, or that a stronger metal or shorter needle was used to increase durability.

    The needles did felt very well for the two days I was able to use them. They penetrated even densely felted wool very easily, and didn’t mark the surface as described. The rubber handle was a very comfortable size and shape to hold, and I love the handmade look and the fact that they’re color-coded. Definitely the most visually appealing felting needles I’ve seen! The end of the rubber did peel back a bit after use, but teasing it with my nail doesn’t make it peel further, so I doubt the needle would fall out.

    I have a photo of the needles here:
    And a photo of my project, so you can see the fun surface texture I achieved with this needle:

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