Core Wool Batting 1oz


1 oz Natural Carded Wool Batting

Perfect Wool for Needle Felting Core Parts

Needle Felts FAST

From domestic US Merino X sheep

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Core Wool Batting for Needle Felting – 1 oz Bundle

Felt Alive Core Wool – domestic Merino X wool carded into lofty batts (rather than roving) and is the best wool for needle felting.

Core Wool Batting is easy to form into shape AND felts up fast!

core wool batting for needle felting
core wool batting for needle felting parts for a sturdy, fully jointed wire-free needle felted fairy body.  Learn to make Fairies HERE

This amazing carded wool batting really is the best wool for needle felting and has been my personal choice in my studio since 2007.  I use it to needle felt the core parts of all of my dolls. The finished body parts are needle felted together forming flexible, lifelike joints.  The core wool parts are sturdy enough that my dolls stand on their own without the support of any kind of wire or armature structure.

Core wool can be used for needle felting the inside form of any needle felted item, saving your dyed wool for the outer layers.  Core wool is lovely enough to be used on its own for natural 0ff-white creations, is a good choice for wet felting and makes a great background for flat felted paintings.


Felt Alive Core Wool Batting for Needle Felting

This is one ounce of core wool batting for needle felting - I use 2-3 oz for a 12" needle felted doll.
This is one ounce of core wool batting – I use 2-3 oz for a 12″ needle felted doll.

This economical wool batt has not been dyed and is a natural off-white color.  It does contain some vm (vegetable matter) and is perfect choice to use for the core of your needle felted projects.

What size felting needle do you recommend for core wool?

I use my Yellow 40t felting needle (starting out with the double point and then switching to a single point as the part begins to get dense.)  For beginner needle felters, I recommend using the Orange 40 star felting needle instead.  It works great but is sturdier.

Is batting different than roving?

Yes.  While both batting and roving can be made from the same fiber, the differences are in the way each are processed.  Both batting and roving go through a picking process to open the curly structure of the fleece.

Batting is brushed on wide drum carders to further separate the locks, remove chaff and brush into fluffy wide sheets that are typically used for quilt batting.

Roving is processed by brushing, then combing to remove the shorter fibers.  The remaining long strands of fiber are processed into long ropes that are typically used for spinning into yarn.

I prefer needle felting with batting because the shorter messy fiber structure is easier to handle and faster to felt.

Is Core Wool Batting different from your Felt Alive Needle Felting Wool?

It’s the same wool batting.  We have developed a unique hand dyeing process to dye the plain core batting into an array of gorgeous, variegated colors.  Our Felt Alive Needle Felting Wool handles and felts the same as our core wool batting.

Do you have any videos showing how to needle felt using core wool?

Yes!  You can see core wool in action in several of my video tutorials.  The most comprehensive videos using core wool for the body parts are Needle Felted Dolls and Needle Felted Fairies but you can also see me using core wool in Garden Art, forming the stems of the mushrooms.

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