Felting Needle Studio Pack

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Felt Alive Felting Needle Studio Pack INCLUDES:
  • 7 Single Point Felting Needles 1 ea yellow-red-blue-black-orange-purple-green
  • 6 Double Point Felting Needles 1 ea yellow-red-blue-orange-purple-green
  • 5 Quad Point Felting Needles 1 ea yellow-red-blue-orange-green



Felting Needle Studio Pack includes 15 great felting tools in one convenient pack!  MUST HAVES for all of your needle felting needs!

Felt Alive Felting Needles

Studio Pack

Includes our Single, Double & Quad Point Felting Needles!

  • 6 Single Point Felting Needles 1 ea yellow-red-blue-black-orange-green-purple
  • 5 Double Point Felting Needles 1 ea yellow-red-blue-orange-green-purple
  • 4 Quad Point Felting Needles 1 ea yellow-red-blue-orange

PLEASE NOTE!!!!  We have reduced the price of the Studio Pack because it no longer includes the Green Reverse needles.   Our apologies for the inconvenience – we have discontinued the Green Reverse needles and they are no longer available individually or in our variety packs.

Felting Needle Studio Pack Customer Review
 Beginner Felter
These were the first needles I bought to use needle felting. I got the complete sampler set, the a set of reverse, and a set of spiral needles. All of them feel REALLY sturdy. Especially compared to some needles I got at random craft stores which feel flimsy and are harder to hold. I use a lot of the needles interchangeably but they all have a distinct feel and manner in which they felt. This was the BEST CHOICE I EVER MADE getting these needles to start with! I don’t think I would have kept up with needle felting had I only been using the cheap store-bought needles. These are a must have for any level! I’m thinking about getting a set for my friend who tried needle felting but it never stuck. Great gift, great set, I expect them to last for a long time.
Reviewed by: Chandra from Minnesota. on 9/21/2015.


Felting Needle Studio Pack
NOTE!!!  Green Needles no longer included in pack.

The Felting Needle Studio Pack has felting needles for all of your needle felting needs.

For sculpting, flat felting embellishing, wool painting, working over wire, large projects, miniature projects.  No matter where your needle felting journey leads, you’ll have the right tools to bring your ideas to life.

Read more about the various uses of all of our felting needles here.

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Weight 0.0625 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

11 reviews for Felting Needle Studio Pack

  1. Reviewed by: Kalisi from Maryland.

    Great Find
    I love them!!! The unique rubber tip design is perfect. I can work many hours and my hand doesn’t cramp or become tired. I will surely be buying this product again. Thank You for such a unique and user friendly design. Kalisi

  2. Reviewed by: Jeff Wright from Huntsville, AL.

    Great Products!
    I only recently discovered needle felting & was led to this site. These are great quality needles with comfortable handles & I’ve no doubt they contributed to making even my very first project a success. I’ll be a continuing customer here.

  3. Reviewed by: Monica Slavici from Switzerland.

    Great felting tools!
    Since I discovered Kay Petal’s felting needles,I only use them! They are great tools,handles are are perfect,I can felt for hours with them! My favorites!

  4. Reviewed by: Alecia from Fort Worth, TX.

    Great Needles
    These needles are very nice. I particularly like the double and singles in red and yellow and the single in blue. I tend to use very soft fine roving (bamboo and merino blend) and these are great for that. Generally I make small items so the quads are a bit much, but I can definitely see where they would be handy for larger projects! The plastic makes them comfortable and reduces the slippage of needles without them. They also make it so you don’t have to grip the needles so tightly and I appreciate the reduced stress on my hands!

  5. Reviewed by: Debbie from Florida.

    Great felting
    These are great felting needles…I like the way they are color coded…no need to guess…I like that they have handles…and that they have multi needles …I am a repeat customer

  6. Reviewed by: Manuel Sancho from Barcelona Spain.

    a good felted job
    these needles are really good. I can work more fine and easy. Thera are not at Spain and I’m a lucky man to find it here

  7. Reviewed by: Linda Zorich from Salem, Oregon.

    Felting Needle Sampler Pack
    I absolutely love this sampler pack. I had no idea what I was missing and how much easier it is to use these felting needles. I’ve used all of them to date and find that each has a specific purpose for me. From very fine detailing to attaching pieces. The unique rubber coating on the handle makes for less hand fatigue and safety, because of the sure grip. In addition, rubber coatings come in different colors, so it is easy to distinguish the type of needle to use.

  8. Reviewed by: Jane Kng from Medicine Hat Alberta .

    The needles are lovely to work with in hand and I enjoy the organization of the needles…easier than a circular arrangement in the quad. I highly recommend this grouping of needles for general dry felting sculptures. Thank you for this offering, I’m sure to get many hours of enjoyment with them!

  9. Reviewed by: Jen from Pittsburgh.

    These are exactly what we were looking for to start with felting this holiday season. As a crafts person myself I respect those who take their skills to the next level. And even better to share this with others is amazing. Don’t shop around you found what you need here.

  10. Reviewed by: MaryAnn from Pomfret Center.

    I cant imagine felting without these…my arthritic hands just wouldn’t be able to do it. May I suggest you consider adding a spiral..

  11. Reviewed by: Wendy from New Zealand .

    These needles are amazing!!
    I love how they are colour coded and they are so comfortable to use. Thank you so much!!!

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