Foam Needle Felting Pads

Foam Needle Felting Pads are 1.5″ thick and come in three handy sizes:

Mini: 6″ x 4.5″ $2.95

Half: 6″ x 9″ $4.95

Full: 9″ x 12″ $7.95

We do our best to cut your foam perfectly but expect a bit of irregularity.

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You’ve see our Foam Needle Felting Pads at work in all Felt Alive Videos.  These dense and durable foam pads provide you with a stable work surface that easily absorbs the sharp tips of felting needles.

foam needle felting pad

Our foam needle felting pads are 1.5 ” thick and come in three handy sizes:

Full: 9″ x 12″ – Perfect for larger projects or for felting flat projects.

Half: 6″ x 9″ – Convenient size for smaller projects and perfect for needle felting workshops.

Mini: 6″ x 4.5″ – This is a great size for taking with you on your travels!

We do our best to cut your foam perfectly, you can expect a bit of irregularity.

Won’t any foam work as a needle felting surface?

There are many kinds of squishy, spongy surfaces you can use but often with disadvantages.  Some types of foam like Styrofoam or florist foam won’t hold up to the needle jabs and will break apart quickly.  Foam rubber (like pads for kneeling in the garden) is too dense for the needles to easily pierce which can cause needle breakage.  I started out using upholstery foam, the thick kind used in couch cushions.  Because the upholstery foam is soft and squishy, my projects would bounce with each jab, causing me to break my felting needles.  Even worse, my eyes had a hard time focusing on my bouncing project.

I’m using two foam felting pads stacked up – it gets me closer to my work and I use the ‘ledge’ to help me shape the joints of my dolls. Oh – that is craft felt covering my pads. It protects the foam and when the surface gets covered in wool, I can replace the felt with a fresh clean piece!

Our dense foam pads make a very stable work surface and with a little care, they hold up through years of felting.

NEEDLE FELTING TIPS!  Avoid excessively poking your felting needles through your project into the foam.  Keep the tip of your needle working in your wool as much as possible.  Stabbing through your project deep into the foam causes your foam to break down.  You will wear your pad out quickly and you are much more likely to break your felting needles.   Stabbing deeply through your project into the foam also means you are working too hard.  Using shallow needle jabs at a relaxed pace will save you, your felting needles AND your felting pads.

I recommend covering your foam pad with a piece of craft felt to keep the surface clean.  When your felting pad gets covered with bits of wool, just replace the felt.  You’ll find craft felt for your felting pads HERE.


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Full – 9" x 12", Half – 6" x 9", Mini – 6 x 4.5"


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