Needle Felting Pad Covers

Extend the Life of Your Felting Pad!

Brighten Up Your Studio!

9″ x 12″ Synthetic Craft Felt

to fit our Full Size Foam Needle Felting Pads

(you can easily cut these to fit our smaller foam pads)

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Extend the life of your felting pads with our needle felting pad covers.  I recommend covering your foam needle felting pad with craft felt to keep the surface clean and to avoid excessive needle damage.  When your felting pad gets covered with bits of wool, just replace the felt.  A colorful needle felting studio is another benefit and my students love picking out ‘their’ color felting pad when they arrive for a workshop.

Our felting pad covers are 9″ x 12″ to match our Full Size Foam Felting Pads –

Please note that this is NOT wool felt – it is synthetic craft felt.  It will break down with use so I recommend replacing your cover after every few projects.  You can either peel it off your pad or simply cover it with another piece.  


felting pad cover for needle felting
Yellow Felting Pad Cover


felting pad cover for needle felting - green
Green Felting Pad Cover


felting pad cover for needle felting orange
Orange Felting Pad Cover


felting pad cover for needle felting
Blue Felting Pad Cover


red felting pad cover for needle felting
Red Felting Pad Cover


pink felting pad cover for needle felting
Pink Felting Pad Cover



I’m using two foam felting pads stacked up – it gets me closer to my work and I use the ‘ledge’ to help me shape the joints of my dolls. Oh – that is craft felt covering my pads. It protects the foam and when the surface gets covered in wool, I can replace the felt with a fresh clean piece!

Our dense foam pads make a very stable work surface and with a little care, they hold up through years of felting.

Avoid excessively poking your felting needles through your project into the foam.  Keep the tip of your needle working in your wool as much as possible.  Stabbing through your project deep into the foam causes your foam to break down.  You will wear your pad out quickly and you are much more likely to break your felting needles.   Stabbing deeply into the foam also means you are working too hard.  Using shallow needle jabs at a relaxed pace will save you, your felting needles AND your felting pads.

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