ORANGE 40 star Beginner QUAD Point Felting Needles

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ORANGE 40 star Beginner QUAD Point Felting Needles

Quad point felting needles work best for large, flat areas.

Remember, if they become difficult to pierce into your project, switch to a double or single point.

With a short, sturdy blade, this fine 40 gauge star blade needle is perfect for beginner needle felters. It is also wonderful if you needle felt over wire (or even rocks, sticks etc.) or if you are needle felting through fabric. If you tend to break needles while felting, THIS is the felting needle for you!

This needle is great for all-purpose felting. It felts much like our trusty yellow 40t but the shorter blade makes it much sturdier. If you are going to show kids how to needle felt, this is the one I recommend they start with.
Available in Singles, Doubles and Quads and you’ll find them in our variety packs

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1 review for ORANGE 40 star Beginner QUAD Point Felting Needles

  1. Chantal

    These needles felt loose wool very quickly. They did become difficult to penetrate more quickly than I expected, and seem most useful for the beginning of a project. They feel very “heavy duty.” I appreciate the fact that the needles are offset for a diagonal tip. The slant allows them to conform to the surface of a 3D project more easily if oriented along the surface, or in the opposite direction, lets you use one needle for deeper penetration. The needles are durable, not bending easily, and unlike my single point blue they did not break when my cat knocked them off my desk while set in my foam pad. I also really like the colored rubber handle. It’s beautiful, would make the needle easy to identify in a large collection, and is very comfortable to hold. My order was also very securely packed.

    I have a photo of the needles here:

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