YELLOW All-Purpose 40t SINGLE Point Felting Needles – 6 Pack


  • 6 Yellow 40t All-Purpose Single Point Felting Needles
  • for Sculptural and Flat Needle Felting
  • Cushioned handle for a comfortable grip.
  • Color-Coded to accompany Felt Alive Video Workshops


Our YELLOW All-Purpose 40t Felting Needles  6 Pack includes six of our original yellow Felt Alive single point color-coded felting needles.
I always say I could felt the world with my yellow 40t felting needles! This is a fine gauge needle with a triangle blade shape (three blade edges) that does a great job for all-purpose needle felting.  It works great for flat needle felting and for sculptural needle felting.  I use it as my main sculpting needle when creating my Felt Alive dolls.   It is sharp and glides through the fiber with ease while felting up my project fast and smooth.
This needle grabs and felts fiber so well making it a favorite for those that felt with fine fiber such as Alpaca fiber or Merino wool and for those that prefer a coarser wool such as Corriedale.

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Also available in Double and Quad Multi-Needle Felting Tools
and color-coded to accompany ALL Felt Alive Needle Felting Videos
Guide To Felt Alive Color-Coded Felting Needles Felt Alive Felting Needles in Single Point, Double Point and Quad! The Use and Care of Felt Alive Felting Needles

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