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New Felt Creations

This is Queenie!!
Queenie is a gem in the rough. We are still working on her fingers and toes! She has a bit of attitude so I have to be sure to get her right! She still resides on the foam pad, needing some attention. She is the first one that has no wire armature – Not sure which I prefer – wire or no wire.
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New felt creations

Having a blast with this needle felting stuff!

This is Skye.
She stands about 12″ tall and is my first completed doll. Needle felted over a wire armature. Not bad for a newbie!!

Here is a work in progress – Her name is Gertie – she stands about 16″ tall and is quite ample in the hips! Arms and hands are not as fun as the rest but I will build them soon! She is felted over a wire armature. Her hair is made from beautiful wool yarn that needled in nicely.

These next two are my first creations (well, except for one that mysteriously disappeared.) They are made over wire armatures and are pretty small.