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The Li’l Boss – Needle Felted Springsteen Doll

The Li’l Boss!! Yes, I made a needle felted caricature of Bruce Springsteen.

I listened to his music while I was bringing him to life – it was a great trip down memory lane and very inspirational.

And Li’l Bono was happy to share the stage with The Li’l Boss!

4 thoughts on “The Li’l Boss – Needle Felted Springsteen Doll

  1. Hei, Kay !

    You never stop surprise me :)) Your Li`l Boss is gorgeous ! I love the his teeth and his chin! You are fantastic and a great inspiration to me!

  2. Thanks Gun! I can't wait to show off my latest guy in the works.

  3. You are an inspiration and just keep getting better and better.

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