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Learning to Felt

Needle Felting has been such an amazing creative journey for me.  This video was made back in 2009 – only a couple of years into my needle felting journey while I was still learning to felt.  Yet even today, I’m still discovering the magic and needle felting still makes me feel like I’m ‘Learning to Fly’



Thanks for watching!  If you are ready to learn the magic of needle felting, Felt Alive Video Workshops will get you started on your own journey and help you learn how to fly!

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X-treme Felt Alive Motor Sports with Li’l Conan & Li’l Trump

Needle Felted Conan O'Brien & Donald Trump Dolls

Li’l Conan & Li’l Donald Trump tearing it up on Li’l Conan’s li’l ATV for a high-octane off-road adventure. And check out The Li’l Donald’s comb-over!

My needle felted dolls are pretty tough – it’s hard to believe that these two li’l buddies look no worse for the wear after their wild ride.