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Workshops with Birgitte Krag Hansen

Hi everyone! I’d like to share my fantastic experience that I recently had. In late August, I learned that my needle felting idol, Birgitte Krag Hansen would be in Alaska in early September putting on needle felting workshops. I was so lucky to be able to take not one but TWO workshops with her. The first workshop was a one day event titled “Funny Theatre Figures. This class was in the tiny, remote community of Kenny Lake; I had to drive 4 hours in each direction to take this one day workshop. It was so worth it! Our class was in a little library with only 9 people in the class.

Birgitte is on the porch and that’s Penny Wakefield, her host from the Fairbanks Spinners and Weavers Guild.

There wasn’t even running water – we had to use the outhouse out back!

We had so much fun learning how to make these funny little theatre figures! The little guy I made is in the video below. His name is Kleebus. He only has one hand (and that is at the end of his neck/body) but really, he needs no more! He is fun to play with and kids absolutely love him. Birgitte taught us how to work the wool so that the characters come to life. I hope you enjoy the video of Kleebus as he hams it up for the camera! Sorry about the backgroud noise – its one of my big dogs having a big drink of water!

This is Hailey! (My 4 year old niece is in charge of naming my creations)

I made her in the 3 day workshop I took in Fairbanks with Birgitte. This was so intense and I learned so much. Luckily, I took a flight up there because the 6 hour drive each way would have kicked my butt.

The workshop was called “Figures in Motion” and I had the idea that mine would be sunbathing. The end result was more like she was flying!

The last pictures were taken during the workshops – Birgitte’s Workstation is quite interesting. I love the one of the family of characters that were made in the class. There were some fun and talented people there!

3 thoughts on “Workshops with Birgitte Krag Hansen

  1. oh, how much fun would this have been!So far I have done only little bears… mostly because I am a bear maker… and also because I love them and they are very tiny, so not too much time to make the little bits. , I have had carpal tunnel surgery and it is again becoming a problem….so I am not doing as much of anything as I would like. I stuffed a new mermaid recently and my hand is almost useless today.As a matter of fact..the doll maker lives in Alaska too. Judi Wellnitz from North Pole Alaska…found your site from Lisa’s Easter Parade group…. tx for a lovely look around….I have a new interesting site to add to my list…

  2. Kay, I am in love with Kleebus!!! I just noticed he had a video and so I watched it and he is too COOL!!! Kleebus….I Love You!

  3. The characters look amazing. I’m so jealous and would love to take a workshop like this.The group shot made me smile.

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