Felting Needles

Most amazing needles I have ever used

I just started needle felting and had tried a few needles from craft stores, but all of them were terrible. I decided to try Felt Alive’s needles and was completely amazed! These needles work like magic, are super comfortable to hold, and are a thousand times better than the lousy stuff at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores!! Before I wasn’t even able to get a ball to stay together; with these needles I was able to make a complete lifelike chickadee in 2 days. I really cannot say enough about how amazing these needles are. If you are hesitating, stop hesitating and get them. They will completely change your needle felting life.
Reviewed by: Meredith from Alpharetta, GA.

Color-Coded Felting Needles
with Cushioned Grips

Felt Alive Felting Needles – Comfortable, Convenient & FUN!

* Color-coded to accompany all Felt Alive Video Workshops.
* Single Needles & Multiple Needles affixed together.
* Double Point Felting Needles – Double your speed and double your fun!
* Quad Point Felting Needles – 4 needles in one!
* Original Design – used by needle felters around the world since 2009

Available in Single Point, Double Point, Quad Point and Variety Packs

In my quest to find the perfect felting needles, I found color-coded needles and I found felting needle handles but I could not find just what I was looking for. So, we had to re-invent the wheel (err, needle) to have fabulous tools for this fabulous craft. And after much trial and error, our fabulous needles were born. We color coded them to accompany Felt Alive Video Workshops making it easy for my students to follow my lead and we cushioned them for comfort. One thing led to another and soon we found that two needles together work really great and four needles together – well, just wow!


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