FELT ALIVE Color-Coded Felting Needles

Because a fun craft deserves fun tools!!

Since 2008, we have been transforming standard industrial felting needles into colorful, comfortable and easy to use needle felting tools for hand-crafters.

Felt Alive Color-Coded Felting Needles are comfortable, colorful and fun to use.  If you have only needle felted with standard felting needles, you will LOVE these wonderful tools!

felt alive felting needles

Available in Single Point, Double Point, Quad Point and Variety Packs

Felt Alive Color-Coded Felting Needles are a favorite tool for needle felters!

felt alive felting Needles

“Most amazing needles I have ever used”

Reviewed by: Meredith from Alpharetta, GA.
“I just started needle felting and had tried a few needles from craft stores, but all of them were terrible. I decided to try Felt Alive’s needles and was completely amazed! These needles work like magic, are super comfortable to hold, and are a thousand times better than the lousy stuff at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores!! Before I wasn’t even able to get a ball to stay together; with these needles I was able to make a complete lifelike chickadee in 2 days. I really cannot say enough about how amazing these needles are. If you are hesitating, stop hesitating and get them. They will completely change your needle felting life.”

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This is a fine gauge needle with a short, sturdy star blade (4 blade edges.) It’s the needle I recommend for beginner needle felters. It is wonderful if you needle felt over wire (or even rocks, sticks etc.) or if you are needle felting through fabric. If you tend to break needles while felting, THIS is the felting needle for you! It’s also a perfect choice for supervised needle felting with kids.

This Felt Alive Felting Needle is great for all-purpose felting. It felts much like our trusty Yellow All-Purpose felting needle but the shorter blade makes it much sturdier.


I always say I could felt the world with my yellow felting needles! This is a fine gauge 40t needle with a triangle blade shape (three blade edges) that I find does a great job for all-purpose needle felting as well as finishing. It grabs and felts fiber so well making it a favorite for those that felt with fine fiber such as Alpaca fiber or Merino wool and for those that prefer a coarser wool such as Corriedale.

I start nearly every project with my double yellow felting needle as it makes felting the body parts of my dolls go so fast. As the wool felts and the double needles becomes difficult to pierce into my project, I switch to my single yellow felting needle that glides into my project with ease. My single yellow gives me fine control when I’m sculpting the details of my dolls. The quad yellow is best for special applications like surface felting of large areas or for flat needle felting.


Our red superstar needle is a medium gauge 38 star blade (four blade edges.) It is a favorite multi-purpose felter, especially for felting with coarse or hairy wool. It works great for finishing down the fuzzies and for surface felting.

The double point red felting needles will speed up your felting until the felt becomes too dense to easily pierce – then you’ll need your single point. The red quad point needle works best for large projects and flat felting.


Our 42t Blue Finisher is an ultra-fine gauge triangle blade felting needle that is perfect for fine detail work, surface design and for finishing up the surface of your felt. It doesn’t felt down your project yet closes up holes left behind by other needles. It works great with fine fiber.

I use the blue single point needles when creating the needle felted eyes of my dolls. It is also a favorite for adding a rosy glow to their cheeks. The blue double point is my favorite for quick finishing of the surface of my dolls and the quad point is perfect for finishing large areas.


This is a sturdy, coarse 36t  triangle blade felting needle for deep, fast felting and attaching parts. I use it for heavy duty work like attaching needle felted parts together and for felting hair deep into a head. We offer this workhorse in single point only because it can be difficult to pierce into the wool and tends to leave large holes behind.  Available in single point only.


This is a fine gauge felting needle that I like to call “The UNFelter” because it pulls fiber out instead of felting it in. It is amazingly useful and fun to play with!  Available in Single and Double Point.