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...where wondrous fluffs of wool transform into whimsical characters with heart and soul.


felt alive needle felting by kay petalWelcome to Felt Alive!  Here you will find hours and hours of Felt Alive Video Tutorials (watch for free!) and our special Felt Alive Felting Needles  color-coded to accompany all the videos.  You'll also find Wool and resources along with tips and tricks that I use every day to bring my Felt Alive dolls to life.

I hope you find my site informative and inspiring and that you discover what it means to Felt Alive.

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Needle Felting is such a crazy, cool craft!

Nearly anything that one can imagine can be created from wool using only single barbed felting needles. 

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needle felting with wool is fun and exciting. Felt Alive needle felted dolls



Felt Alive Needle Felting Store

Featuring Felt Alive Color-Coded Felting Needles and Felt Alive Needle Felting Wool


Color-coded felting needles with comfortable cushioned grips.

in single point, double and quad point!


Wool batting that works great for sculptural needle felting!

bring your ideas to life with wool from Felt Alive!

felt alive color-coded felting needles

Felt Alive Color-Coded Felting Needles

Original Design - used by needle felters around the world since 2008

Color-coded to accompany all Felt Alive Video Workshops!

Check my Felting Needle Quick Guides to learn about the different sizes/gauges of needles and some tips and tricks to use your felting needles without breaking them or poking yourself!

Learn Needle Felting with Felt Alive!

As much as I love creating my zany characters, I love teaching this fun craft and sharing the joy it brings in any way I can.    You can learn exactly how I go about creating my Felt Alive needle felted creations by following along in any of my video tutorials.  My videos are filmed in real-time (no high-speed sequences) with many close-ups so you won't be left guessing!



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Felt Alive Photo Galleries

Felt Alive Gallery

Needle Felted Dolls by Kay Petal

100% Needle Felted Wool Dolls by Kay Petal

Felt Alive Student Gallery

Felt Alive Student-Submitted Projects

Kay's students make some amazing creations!

A resource guide to help you shop for supplies that work great for needle felting.

Learning how to needle felt is easy!  Learning how to shop for supplies is a bit more challenging.

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