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DOLLS Needle Felting Video Tutorial

Learn to Make Needle Felted Dolls of Your Very Own!

 Are you ready to learn how to needle felt dolls that flex, bend and can stand on their own?  If you’ve needle felted over wire armatures, you are going to feel liberated when you learn how easy it is to construct these sturdy, flexible needle felted dolls using only wool and felting needles.  A feature of this class is learning how to needle felt eyes that will give your doll a unique expression.  Needle felted teeth are another fun thing to learn!  You will learn how to stretch and manipulate the wool to bring out smiles and dimples plus SO much more in this comprehensive 10 hour long video tutorial.
Join me at my felting pad to learn:
  • Needle felt the core structure using core wool batting
  • Connect the parts to create a strong and flexible needle felted body.
  • Fun techniques to make needle felted hands and feet that add so much life to your character.
  • Adding body contours using amazing yet simple techniques for creating a skin or flesh layer that rolls and stretches much like our own skin.
  • Learn techniques for needle felted shoes and clothing options using wool batting and prefelt.
  • Over 4 hours on faces will show you so many tricks for creating expression.
  • Needle felted eyes and teeth are their own special magic!
  • Blush and Shading is nearly like painting with wool
  • Several options for hair including straight and curly
  • Learn how to finish your project by filling in any holes left by the needles and taming down wool fuzzies.
  • Finished doll is approximately 10″-12″ tall.


Materials & Supplies


Felt Alive Felting Needles color-coded to accompany this workshop

Felting Needle 6 Pack will give you the needles you need for this workshop (plus spares.)

WOOLnote – the video was filmed using Norwegian C1 wool batting but I recommend substituting with Felt Alive Needle Felting Wool – the wool I now use for all of my needle felting 🙂

Felt Alive Core Wool – natural (not dyed) wool batting

  • 2 oz for the core body parts of your needle felted doll

Felt Alive Needle Felting Wool – dyed batting for sculptural needle felting

  • Skin Tone – 2 oz
  • Colors for clothing – 2 oz

Felt Alive Detail Kit – white and hand- dyed wool colors for eyes, teeth, blush and shading

Wool Roving or Curly Wool Locks for hair

Foam Felting Pad

Strong sewing needle (used as a sculpting tool – not for sewing)

linked products available in our store – non-linked products are widely available online


Learning how to needle felt dolls has never been easier!

Felt Alive Needle Felted Dolls 10 hour long comprehensive video tutorial.

this video tutorial is FREE to watch – no registration, no log-in and no ads 🙂  Please consider making a small contribution at the end of the video.

make sure to share your finished projects on our facebook page.


Press PLAY and Begin Learning the Magic of Sculptural Needle Felted Doll Making!


Needle Felting a Doll –  Disc 1

Needle Felting a Doll –  Disc 2

Needle Felting a Doll –  Disc 3

Needle Felting a Doll –  Disc 4

Thanks for watching my video! I hope you had fun felting along with me and that you learned lots of helpful needle felting tips and tricks.

Please consider a small contribution to support my mission to teach the world how to needle felt. Every donation helps keep Felt Alive Needle Felting Video Tutorials free for everyone that wants to learn a fun new craft!

Your Friend in Needle Felting ~Kay Petal


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