Needle Felting Tutorials

Experience the creative joy of needle felting.

All of my workshops are easy enough for complete beginners so it’s a matter of picking the one you want.

Have great fun learning how to Felt Alive!



Felt Alive Video-fairies-opt-opt2


Felt Alive Video-droits-opt-opt1


Felt Alive Video-santa-opt-opt1


Felt Alive Video-pups-opt-opt1


Felt Alive Video-pixies-opt-opt1


Felt Alive Video-fairies (1)-opt-opt1


Felt Alive Video-garden-art-opt-opt1


Felt Alive Video-bunnies-opt-opt1


Felt Alive Video-funny-faces-opt-opt1


2 Replies to “Needle Felting Tutorials”

  1. I am sad that you’re closing and think this is a very generous gesture to have the tutorials on for FREE! How long do you intend to keep the site up? The information on there is wonderful and I’m wondering if I have to copy this to a file or if it’s going to be up there for a while.
    Thank you, Kay (and nameless Husband) for all the years of providing the high quality supplies and inspiration.

    Heather Bruce in Snohomish, Washington


  2. What a wonderful gesture to share your extensive creative knowledge. I thank you so much for your wonderful generosity and wish you all the very best in your new creative venture. It’s always lovely to see your wonderful creations. Hugs


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