Needle Felting Tutorials

Experience the creative joy of needle felting.

Welcome needle felting friends!!  All of my workshops are now FREE and open for everyone to enjoy!   I love sharing all the magic I’ve found in needle felting and it’s my goal with each project to help you discover your own magic.

While my focus in the videos is on needle felted doll-making, you will be able to apply the skills you learn to create nearly anything you can imagine.  Felt Alive creations have no wire armature for support, yet they stand on their own and flex and bend nearly like they are alive!

Each video is in real-time with no high-speed sequences that leave you guessing.  As you felt along with each project, you will feel like you are needle felting with a friend.  I hope you have great fun learning how to Felt Alive!   your friend in needle felting, Kay Petal

For behind-the-scenes Felt Alive needle felting fun and to share the fun you are having –  join me at my new Patreon site!  


Felt Alive’s Most Popular Video Tutorial. Learn my signature methods of wire-free needle felting for fun, flexible needle felted dolls.
Felt Alive Video-pups-opt-opt1
Felt Alive Pups are cute, silly and full of life. The possibilities are endless.
Felt Alive Video-fairies-opt-opt2
Brand new for 2017 – learn my latest and greatest needle felted doll-making techniques. wire-free bodies that flex bend and move nearly like they are ALIVE!
Needle Felting a Santa Workshop
This is such a great video for learning advanced techniques for sweet, smiling needle felted faces with simple bodies. Santa stands on his own without using any wire armatures – from head to toe he’s all needle felted wool.
Felt Alive Video-funny-faces-opt-opt1
When’s the last time you made a funny face?
Felt Alive Video-fairies (1)-opt-opt1
Magic flutters on your fingertips with Felt Alive Finger Puppet Fairies.
Felt Alive Video-pixies-opt-opt1
Fast, Fun and Adorable. You won’t be able to stop at just one!
Felt Alive Video-bunnies-opt-opt1
Easy steps to fluffy cuteness! A great introduction to sculptural needle felting
Felt Alive Video-droits-opt-opt1
This workshop is one of my personal favorites. It’s a great one if you want to learn easy techniques for building a flexible, jointed body.


I hope you had fun learning how to Felt Alive!  ~~~from your friend in needle felting, Kay Petal

Remember – For behind-the-scenes Felt Alive needle felting fun and to share the fun you are having –  join me at my new Patreon site!  


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  1. What a wonderful gesture to share your extensive creative knowledge. I thank you so much for your wonderful generosity and wish you all the very best in your new creative venture. It’s always lovely to see your wonderful creations. Hugs

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